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  1. Yes - it's the Casella one that has been altered quite a lot - and some bars excised. The orchestra/accompanist needs to use the same version. I attach a list of the changes a choir using Casella needs to make to match orchestral parts. (The opposite of what you would need but it shows where the problems are.) I also have replacement sheets for the In terra (Casella to what Vivaldi wrote and visa versa). Notes for Vivaldi.docx
  2. You need to use the Ricordi score if the soloist is, as the Ricordi leaves chunks out!
  3. RCO Orgelbüchlein competition

    I'll post this, then: https://www.rco.org.uk/news_displaystory.php?newsid=270
  4. Appointments 2

    Lee Ward to be DOM at Liverpool Cathedral: http://www.liverpoolcathedral.org.uk/43/section.aspx/37/liverpool_cathedral_announces_lee_ward_as_new_director_of_music_
  5. https://www.rco.org.uk/news_displaystory.php?newsid=265 (Oh dear - thought I was using a pseudonym! Can't delete.)
  6. Appointments 2

    Andrew Reid, currently Director of the RSCM and previously DOM at Peterborough Cathedral, is to be the new Managing Director of Harrison and Harrison Organ Builders. http://www.harrisonorgans.com/news
  7. Appointments 2

    Mark Duthie to move from Brecon to Carlisle. http://swanseaandbrecon.churchinwales.org.uk/news/2017/04/end-of-a-cathedral-era-as-music-director-moves-on/
  8. Luxuriant Adagio

    What about the Elegy from Bridge's Downland Suite - arranged by Alec Rowley? I love the Méditation from Widor's 1st Symphony though it's beautiful rather than passionate.
  9. Organists with hearing problems

    I went to Boots for hearing aids as I wanted ones which didn't distort music and, especially, organ music. I got expensive Phonak ones. For general use they are great, and the audiologist very helpful. However I found that the higher pitches were being very badly distorted (including the harmonics on reed stops). I downloaded an app (PA Tone) onto my tablet so I could show the audiologist what pitches were distorting. She was extremely helpful but it took ages before she solved the problem. It turned out, in my case, that it was the "whistle block" that was causing the problem and when she turned it off the sound was perfect. It amazed me that she wasn't aware that this might have been the problem as I would have thought others would have experienced the same thing. (It's not just organ music, of course, though the distortion is most obvious with the high frequencies.) She set up a "Music" programme on my aids and, on that, the whistle block is disabled. I'm not aware of any problem with delay.
  10. Attribution?

    Well, copyright expires 70 years after the year of death. So that could be the next difficult debate for the Supreme Court judges!
  11. Nave Booster Organs

    No mention of such a thing on the cathedral website (May 2016): http://www.stpatrickscathedral.ie/the-cathedral-organ
  12. Nave Booster Organs

    I didn't know that either. Are you sure you're not thinking of St Finn Barre's Cathedral in Cork?
  13. Appointments 2

    Jeremy Lloyd (currently organ scholar at Peterborough) to be Assisting Organist at York Minster from September.
  14. Appointments 2

    Stephen Moore, currently DOM at St Matthew's, Northampton, has been appointed to Llandaff Cathedral, http://www.llandaffcathedral.org.uk/category/news/
  15. New Hymns Ancient & Modern

    My church is considering changing from the hymn book we don't mention to this A & M. I wondered if anyone who uses it has any comments to make, in the light of experience. Anything you particularly like or don't like? Is the music hard to read (the print seems quite small)? Do you need to buy the organ edition - £120! Do you use many of the huge number of new tunes? And new words, come to that. Needless to say, any change has got to be good! Does anyone know anything about the New, New English Hymnal supposed to be coming out next year? Just NEH with the contents of English Praise and New English Praise added, or something more radical?