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  1. Just for the fun of it: 1. Regensburg Cathedral (Rieger 2009) 2. Introduction, Passacaglia & Fugue - Healey Willan The above would sound great at Cologne, but I prefer the tone of the Regensburg Organ, which also has a 'Tuba Episcopalis' as well as full chamade battery. In case anyone wonders - no, I can't play the Willan - I'm learning it, but it will probably take the rest of my life to crack it! In the meantime, if I could persuade Rachel Mahon or David Briggs (who both play it extremely well IMHO) to stand in for me at Regensburg, I would be a very happy man!!
  2. I agree with Paul and Jonathan - this will not be a resultant stop, but will have full length resonators until space gets too tight, when half length resonators will be used - 'Acoustique' is always used to describe this arrangement in France (if it's described at all) in my experience, and will appear in brackets on a specification but not generally on the stop knob itself. Evreux has an odd pedal specification - because of space limitations. The nave is extraordinarily narrow for a cathedral of its size. However the sound of the organ is glorious in my view.
  3. This is clearly a 'Marmite thing' - I applaud the Cathedral architects - who were involved in the case design. I think that it's imaginative, striking and solves a very real problem posed by the acoustics of the Cathedral - but that's just my view. The only thing I don't 'get' is the fitting of the slightly odd swathes of net-like fabric around the console. Maybe there is a point to it that I'm missing!
  4. I'm not sure whether or not this will be much help, but my copies of the 50 and 100 Free Organ Accompaniments are published by Alfred Publishing Co, Inc in the USA - "alfred.com" (who have been assigned all rights by the original publisher, J. Fischer & Bro.). For what it's worth, my copies arrived within a few days of my ordering them from Amazon UK!
  5. Having spent a lot of time both with a Walker Positive and a Nicholson with an extended Pedal division, both with metal closed 16 foot - on the Walker described as a 'Sub Bass' and on the Nicholson as a 'Bourdon'; they both had metal flute ranks, so the extension to 16' was metal 'to match' the rest of the unit. For what it's worth, I have never seen wooden pipework on a Positive - and I've played lots of 'em. More recently, I spent some years playing an extended Evans & Barr (NPOR https://www.npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=D02452), which had a quite nice wooden flute unit and the 16' b
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