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  1. I wonder if this comes with a health warning? Last year the IAO Congress visited Tonbridge School - Simon Preston gave an excellent recital - but the volume of the organ was almost unbearable - I can't imagine why anyone would want an organ as loud as this one! It goes on my list of organs not to hear again...






  2. The oil sill in the Mexico gulf would have been, at least, stopped.

    Anyone guess with which thing ? (a thing that deserves the deepest ocean...)





    Worcester's diaphones ????



    ....Honestly, I really tried to resist this one ....

  3. I recently downloaded a CD from iTunes of music played by and some composed by this performer - I would like to get hold of some of the music but can not find any references to her apart from those to the CD in question. The company who produced the CD says that she was last heard of in Germany some years ago. Does anyone know of this organist?




    Did you try Google?



  4. ===========================



    Unfortunately, this could run for years; especially since I have discovered a link between the Vuvuzela, the pre-historic Celtic Horn and mountain herdsmen in Switzerland, who fled conflict and jumped the border into a neutral country.


    The Aplhorn is really the long, lost Contre Vuvazela, and about as musically attractive.




    Even more so, once visited a concert for in the 'Thueringer Orgelsommer' series played on organ AND alphorns (in the Bachkirche Arnstadt); 'simple' music, but sounding really nice (and not only 140dB@1mtr.)

  5. ===============================



    Only of old German reeds which haven't been tuned for awhile, I think.


    BRASILIA! BRASILIA! (Only because they'll probably beat the Nederlands and I have money on this!)




    Sorry to hear of your loss (not that I care about football though ...).



  6. Whenever I hear the Vuvuzela I now think of England.


    It has therefore become the sound which one requires for patriotic services- St George's Day, Founder's Day, Final Term Service and such like.





    I'd think the Vuvuzela would remind you of GERMANY


  7. ...Not necessary, because this stop has to be "en chamade", even in 32',

    down to C.

    As for the debris, it is common sense to open all doors and remove all windows

    before drawing that stop; moreover, before adding it to the organ, it is the whole

    building that must be complertely checked and reinforced, wherever necessary,

    in order to be able to cope with a Richter level of at least 6.




    Like those in London?

  8. Oh yes - and no electricity anywhere near it, organists wearing 'period' clothes and shoes, be sure to have your brain reset to +200 years ago (so forget about your current means of communication/transport/existence etc..).

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