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  1. heva


    Not an appointment, but Richard Pinel (UK) has won the 1st International Organcompetition in Breda (NL).
  2. No, I see the resemblance; also with this dude ...
  3. And so often also are NOT; like John Scott playing in Amsterdam for +/- 20 persons
  4. I've heard them in the Cologne Dom, they're ok, but found the (acoustic) 64' WAY more impressive ;-)
  5. Not so sure, they didn't struck me as impressive as eg. the Royals in St.Pauls, nice yes, but in a 'Oh stand up, it's the Queen' way ...
  6. Very much reminds of an exam I had to play in conservatory where my teacher was to turn pages; and so he did, in a long Buxtehude work turning a couple of pages too much not noticing it at first and then searching for the correct one. His remark, just 'huh, that was a bit huch -grin-' ; fortunately I had the piece enough in memory not to make mistakes, but it does get on the nerves ....
  7. but still ... for me David M. Patrick at Blackburn is the clear winner ;-)
  8. Henry Fairs playing Liszt's 'Ad Nos' fugue at St.Pauls, mayby a bit washy (that's for that 'special' stop called st.pauls), but d*mn what an organ it is! Powerful playing too ...
  9. heva


    Wow, congratulations!
  10. I think there's a post here with a link to an mp3 that demonstrates the reeds in St.Pauls - very nice too as I remember. edit: found it: http://www.organopleno.demon.co.uk/mpegs/afm/celtica.mp3 How about the HJ solo tubas in Worc..... ???
  11. The tuba's at St.Pauls Dome are also not the kind of reeds that go by unnoticed
  12. A 75% Worcester one-fits-all-stoplist?
  13. Funny chamades: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHrKT00t_zA
  14. Oh yes - and no electricity anywhere near it, organists wearing 'period' clothes and shoes, be sure to have your brain reset to +200 years ago (so forget about your current means of communication/transport/existence etc..).
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