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Thanks - I had found the site, as my link attests. Michael's brother, Colin, says there that he donated the Vista Records files and a set of all the recordings that he had to the University of Ulster while he was a Visiting Professor at that institution, and that is now housed at the University’s Magee Campus. Soon after Michael’s death, he had also filled in gaps in the collection of what is now the British Library Sound Archive. This is all very good, but it doesn't confirm whether or not the deposited material (i.e. "set of all the recordings") was the master tapes.


Presumably the master tapes must still exist - I can't imagine they would have been destroyed or disposed of?! How amazing it would be if they were 'rediscovered' and the recordings reissued on CD! I am aware that on Colin Smythe's website digital technology is criticised. I quote, ".....the organs of the great churches, cathedrals and halls no longer sound quite as good on CDs as they did before, on vinyl. Digital recording has removed the highest and lowest notes from the range available to the listener, with the result that recordings cease to supply these extremes...." On the other hand, I'd have thought it better for this immensely valuable material to be made available in digital format than be lost and forgotten altogether.

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Walter Hillsman .......


So what do we know about the great man?





I had lessons with him 1973 when he was at St Margaret's Oxford (Simon Lindley's ?dad was vicar). I can remember more than one occasion when I was dragged out of bed to sing Byrd a 3 (just 3 of us) or a Hassler 2 choir mass where there would be 4 singers & 4 recorders or whatever. He seemed to have an enormous knowledge of the repertoire and could improvise on anything in any style.


I lost touch iin 1975 ..


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