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  1. Length of voluntaries.

    That's about right. Here's an opening benchmark from St Paul's Cathedral's Information for Visiting Organists playing Evensong (where, of course, Stainer was): "[...] Since the focus of Choral Evensong is the choral music, the staff organists normally conclude weekday services with reflective voluntaries. It is, however, perfectly acceptable to play something which develops the style or compositional period of the choir's music. 2'30" is a safe minimum to cover the procession back to [...] the Dean's Aisle, while 4'30'-5' is the upper limit. Sunday and major festivals tend to be on bigger in scale..."
  2. Happy Birthday, Francis

    The American organ series Pipedreams has devoted this week's episode to him.
  3. The Lewis At Teddington

    As someone who lives in SW London but two miles away from the Landmark Arts Centre (St Alban's as was), I have often wondered wistfully what sort of instrument resided in that magnificent space...
  4. Kodaly Missa Brevis

    A tip passed on to me which I've always used: the bar/s at the very end before the 'Amen' is/are best played by having manual doubles (16') drawn and playing it on manuals.
  5. King's Organ Scholars at the Proms

    Absolutely - John Butt. While we're talking about former King's organ scholars, Professor Hugh McLean CM (sic), died on 30 July.
  6. Servite Priory Fulham

    I was taught by Alan Harverson in my gap year at the RAM before going to Cambridge, and sometimes had lessons at the Priory. Of course, he is not here to explain his reasonings, but as Maurice Forsyth-Grant says about the organ in his book Twenty-One Years of Organ-Building (Positif Press 1968): "In the meanwhile, however, Alan Harverson was very busy preparing the specification that he required. We have never, before or since, had such a full documentation for the specification of an organ. His main idea was to have a large two-manual specification but judiciously split over three playing manuals. [...] Not only were we given a stop-list but also the exact balance between the stops, and Alan Harverson gave numerous examples of the registrations he intended to use in the playing of the Dutch, North German and French repertoires, as well as in later and more modern music. No organist can ever have been so thorough in trying to get the organ exactly as he required. Because of his definite - and convincing - ideas in the matter, we were quite prepared to do the best for him, and [...] on the whole we did manage to fulfil his very exacting requirements."
  7. Appointments 2

    Peter Holder succeeds Daniel Cook at Westminster Abbey.
  8. Harold Darke

    It was published in 1931 by OUP, and Allegro Music handle their organ music archive service. A telephone call to them would be the first suggestion.
  9. Appointments 2

    I'm not sure how you can manage to confuse the Chapel Royal, *Hampton Court* Palace (whose website you have linked) with that at St James's Palace. I remain Director of Music at Hampton Court, while Joseph McHardy becomes my counterpart at St James's Palace from September.
  10. Appointments 2

    Daniel Cook succeeds Canon James Lancelot.
  11. Toccata From Widor's 5th Symphonie

    A-R editions are repeating a discount offer (this time 20%) on the authoritative John Near edition of Widor's organ symphonies. it is available until 31 March.
  12. Toccata From Widor's 5th Symphonie

    If anyone is wanting to purchase what is probably the most reliable edition (John Near) of Widor organ symphonies, they should do so here by 15th January. There is a discount of up to 35% on online orders.
  13. Sowande

    Update: The piece is now available through Boosey & Hawkes at this link. Inexcusably, the composer is listed as 'Joshua Fit' and the piece mistitled (is it any wonder it has been difficult to track down?), and Boosey assure me that this error will be corrected.
  14. To adjust the speed of the Solo tremulant, I think...