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  1. If this drawing is accurate, it's probably not.
  2. For those who missed it, IBO Chairman Andrew Scott wrote a letter to The Times which was published two days later.
  3. As it happens, the centenary of Gordon Reynolds' birth was last Wednesday (30 June).
  4. I think you will find that in 2021, the number of DoMs not from a public school or Oxbridge is certainly higher than it was, say, thirty years ago. As for ethnic diversity, we saw the sad death in February of one former cathedral organist from what was then Ceylon; his son now directs the choir of a Cambridge college. By a happy coincidence, the DoMs of two discrete choirs of HM Chapels Royal should not be overlooked. The assistant of Portsmouth Cathedral, the organ scholar of Leeds Minster (formerly in that role at Guildford Cathedral) and the Asst at St George's, Hanover Square (formerly ADoM at Birmingham Cathedral) are quietly forging successful careers.
  5. 'So mote it be' should be in the same key as Laus Deo/Redhead No 46. The problem with St Oswald being so widely used for the closing ode is that it's in D, and it ends (for men's voices) on tenor D; 'So mote it be' is sung in F or G. As far as tonality is concerned, St Oswald is a poor choice of tune, and that's why Laus Deo/Redhead No 46 is a better musical fit, and arguably a better tune.
  6. While a few Lodges will have local variations, St Oswald is by far the most commonly used tune for the closing ode. It is true that the juxtaposition of 'So mote it be' in G major after the last verse of the closing ode in D major (St Oswald) jars the sensibilities of many masonic musicians, but it would be unwise to attempt to change something (i.e. leaving 'So mote...' in D major) to which many are accustomed. Moreover, it has become so ingrained that in the occasional situation where musically untrained masons sing the ode unaccompanied, they will jump the upward perfect 4th from the end of the ode to the 'So mote...' without any difficulty.
  7. I don't think that the engagement of a vocal coach/tutor has any bearing on the choir-training strengths of the DoM. I can think of plenty of foundations with fine choirs under excellent directors where a vocal specialist is also part of the music team.
  8. Many happy returns! (A YouTube virtual celebration is here.) !
  9. It is a matter of public record that “He wants me to stay in post, so I will stay because that’s where my orders come from, that’s where my mandate comes from. I’m going to stay and continue to work wholeheartedly at these matters.”
  10. The Deans of St Paul's and Westminster are customarily appointed KCVO upon retirement. Christopher Dearnley was appointed LVO upon retirement, and John Scott on his departure for the USA. The current Archbishop's decision not to award Lambeth Doctorates in the short term and their replacement by the Cranmer Awards is much regretted.
  11. The centenary of Jeanne Demessieux's birth falls one month today, and Dame Gillian Weir celebrates her 80th this Sunday (17th).
  12. He celebrates his 60th birthday today.
  13. As reported here, it has abandoned the idea for the time being.
  14. This is getting confusing. The Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols is precisely what it says and broadcast on the radio. What are the "two or three TV recordings of the 9 L&C" and the "Nine Lessons and Carols" you refer to? The only Christmas TV broadcasts from King's are as I mentioned earlier: fewer than nine readings, not lessons. The BBC and the College have been trying to correct this misconception about these discrete broadcasts for decades.
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