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  1. wolsey

    School choirs and organ suggestions

    Mathias: Let all the world in every corner sing
  2. wolsey

    Priory Records DVDs

    I think there have been crossed wires - apologies. My reply was addressed to Quentin Bellamy. I have been unable to trace Simon Preston's New College TV appearance in the Radio Times archive, but Organ Gallery is certainly there. The archive is a truly fascinating resource.
  3. wolsey

    Priory Records DVDs

    I remember the programme. It was called A Thousand Instruments, and a search of the Radio Times database shows that it was first broadcast in 1975, and repeated in June 1976. As I write this, I feel saddened that both Simon Preston and Peter Hurford (my teacher) are shadows of their former selves, both being cared for in nursing homes where they are suffering from the effects of dementia.
  4. wolsey

    Organ Scholarhips and Conservatoires

    This is more or less the position as far as organ scholarships are concerned. Notable omissions are St Mary's Warwick; St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle and the London Oratory.
  5. wolsey

    Organ Scholarhips and Conservatoires

    It can be difficult to keep up with changes. The 'Royal Scottish' was renamed the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2011, and both the Guildhall School of Music & Drama and the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance appear to have been overlooked - as has the Leeds College of Music. Entry to all eight institutions is now through UCAS Conservatoires. Having retired from school-teaching in the summer, I can recall highly talented pupils choosing a conservatoire because it possessed a renowned faculty/professor for their instrument/voice. As far as conservatoire organ tuition is concerned, only five of the eight now offer this - and three of the five are in London.
  6. wolsey

    Can we all try a bit harder?

    I suspect that the growth of Facebook and the increased use of its discussion groups is the reason.
  7. wolsey

    Ecce Sacerdos Magnus

    I'm surprised that you had a fruitless search. My quick bit of Googling resulted in this snippet on the BBC website, and it's on this recording of his music (still available in various formats) which I bought some years ago for the Tu es Petrus.
  8. wolsey

    Westminster Abbey

    As Harrison's website explains, the pedal reeds were relocated from the south to the north triforium behind the Bombarde section to enable work in the south triforium. To my ears, they now have less impact from their new position if you're hearing the organ from the choir, but for those sitting west of the screen...⚠️
  9. wolsey

    Parish church organ scholars

    You may want get in touch with such foundations listed here.
  10. wolsey

    humidifier advice please

    Our humidifier is maintained by Philip Cutler who now runs Stewart Fothergill Engineers. Google the firm name for contact details.
  11. wolsey

    Finest Organ-builders of England

    Sadly, I think that the teaching/practice organ built and installed this spring in the concert hall of the new music school at King's College School, Wimbledon may well be the last instrument by the firm of Kenneth Tickell and Company Ltd.
  12. wolsey

    Appointments 2

    Dr Jeremy Filsell to Saint Thomas, Fifth Avenue
  13. wolsey

    Last Night of the Proms 2018

    The organist last night was Richard Pearce. I am assuming (but have yet to have it confirmed) that he is the BBCSO's organist in succession to Malcolm Hicks - himself the successor to my teacher, Alan Harverson. It is a shame that neither Richard nor the BBCSO's pianist (Elizabeth Burley) are mentioned in their personnel lists. Perhaps it's because their contractual arrangements are different to the those of orchestra's rank-and-file players.
  14. wolsey

    Simon Preston CBE

    It's somewhat sad to see that Simon Preston's 80th birthday last Saturday has passed us by with scarcely a comment. At least the Eloquence label has seen fit to mark it by reissuing (last November) all the solo organ recordings which he made for Argo. A good many here will remember his Reger recordings from Westminster Abbey; I, for one, am pleased to hear again his reading of the Hindemith Sonatas on the Walker organ at St John's, Islington. Mander should also be allowed to bask in his glory, as I value Simon Preston's 2006 recording of the then-recently restored organ of the Royal Albert Hall: Royal Albert Hall Organ Restored (Signum).
  15. wolsey

    Wot, no organ music?

    He's the Deputy.