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Whilst browsing on IMSLP, I found an organ sonata by Ludwig Thuille, a pupil of Rheinberger. He is probably best known for his Sextet for Piano and Winds.  He clearly had a natural facility for writing appealing melodies.  Have any forum members heard and/or played it?



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I've never heard of Thuille but, for an early work, the Organ Sonata seems remarkably assured. I did look at the score of the much later Op. 22 'Cello Sonata with its appealing melodies. Thirty odd years ago I would have got that under my belt. The string quartet looks good too!

He seems to have been a prolific teacher. I noted that he was the teacher of Walter Spalding who had the distinction, or otherwise, of teaching Leroy Anderson! His Harmonielehre seems to have been used, a bit like Fux, to persecute young music undergraduates in German/Austrian music conservatoires! I did notice, in the brief biography I found, no mention of the Organ Sonata!!! 

Several of his works are recorded and are available. As mentioned above the Sextet has always had a certain popularity.

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