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How about Sydney Town Hall? This instrument is tonally exactly as Hill left it in 1890, as far as I know. There are CDs available and I think that there are also some sound samples which may be downloaded from the official site. Failing that, do an internet search for 'Thomas Heywood' (organist) and see what is available.


Michael Woodward recorded this organ in the 1980s on vinyl - I have a copy somewhere, but owing to building work it is in storage :lol: I think the organist was Robert Ampt, but I can't remember the programme - but I do remember it was a very fine recording. Priory are currently re-issuing the Woodward recordings on CD - they haven't yet got to this one, but hopefully soon......



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Found on "Organ and organists online":




Mark Quarmby plays Bruckner.


Here the reeds, though not of the "closed toned" kind at all, are not french at all

(to say the least, they are *passably better* in that music...).


And an absolutely georgous Diapason Chorus and Mixture!

(Why the H... Have search something else?)



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