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  1. I think the pipe organ is working. I had been told the blower had been badly damaged by some mistaken wiring by an electrician but I haven't found any information that backs this up. The Viscount was placed up in the quire and sounded pretty nice for an emergency installation - no doubt smoothed off by the acoustic. There were recitals on the 'cathedral organ' advertised in the cathedral later last year and I did notice that the Viscount has now disappeared from the quire. As for the Rodgers, I noticed that there is a MIDI connection between it and the Tickell but, perhaps, not a s
  2. I confess that I'm less a fan of the tuba than I once was. Perhaps we should measure them by vulgarity rather than loudness? As for my favourite sounds: the Lieblich Gedackt and Flutes on the Truro choir organ are simply the loveliest I've ever heard.
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