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  1. Yes, I was pleased to be informed that the anniversary bash was still going ahead; albeit following a slightly different format. Will be good to hear the Old Box of Wind again after such a long break. Forty years? well,well, doesn`t time fly when one is enjoying oneself? Only seems like yesterday when I used to attend these performances with NR presiding and I would be standing on the shop floor about half way down the nave in the company of IT,IW, and SD waiting for the performance to start.
  2. I can smell the burning martyrs from here! There exist on this forum,unfortunately it would seem, a significant number of individuals who think they are so important that ANY other forum would not be able to function without them. Once again " au revoir " to JPM and all the excellent work you have done ; and hello to Steve Glad to see there is a steady exodus in progress. It`s make your minds up folks time.
  3. Just signing in to say " au revoir ". I have just joined the New Forum and am glad to report that its title does include the name " Mander ", so your name will live on in spirit as well as with the countless instruments with which you and your team have been involved with over many years. It is to be hoped that your craftsmen/technicians will be able to either re-locate within this endangered industry or transfer their existing skills into new ventures. One particular craftsmen out of many, I have to mention is Eric Bell who did some excellent work on the tuba on Liverpoo lCat
  4. Tricky problem. Speaking purely for myself I have enjoyed perusing this site for several years whilst retaining a very low, should I say, inactive role towards its actual development. Some very good offers to take over the site by individuals whose intentions I am quite sure are nothing but sincere. Finance can raise its own problems though in many unexpected ways. One example of this would be the fact that the " bounty hunters " will be logging into this site and will be especially interested in any traffic referring to any retrievable asset and this topic will certainly furnish t
  5. During this extended period of doom and gloom in which we are all encapsulated/imprisoned it is indeed good to be able to see a little light glowing at the end of a different tunnel. Marvellous to peruse the " nomenclature francais" and note the changes . Very fortunate that this instrument has survived the ravages of time and lack of funds and still remain in a " playable condition " up to the present time. Reading the article encouraged me to mine Nigel Ogdons wonderful recording of `94 out of the archive . Despite the fact that one third of the stops out of action the depth
  6. Noticed yesterday that the good `ol Graud had eventually woken up and placed an obit to Jane. For some reason, probably known to themselves I found that the usual facility to comment was not available; or maybe I have just not seen the right buttons to press! Anyway, it was a good obit methought.
  7. Crumbs..........what next?................. can life generally get any worse?? The passing of so many organists of late is bad enough, but organ firms as well ? There is less and less worth getting up for in the mornings now; well nigh that this lump of spinning rock was nudged by an asteroid. I am not being facetious either.
  8. Her recordings are still trackdownable. Few months ago I was rooting in a local charity shop and up popped a virtually brand new record of hers from St. Francis de Salle. It is a digital recording, which is best enjoyed played at volume setting 11, this is a handy replacement for my original copy is virtually played out. Upon reading about her death I immediately blasted it out at 11 and toasted her with a horrendously enormous G&T ( followed by another )
  9. Very, very sad. Was all set up to hear her at Selby in June. She was someone else altogether!
  10. Marvellous recording! Total rot that " one cannot play Bach on the RAH instrument. One can play Bach on ANY instrument. Many years ago I can remember seeing a young Jamaican lad playing a Choral Prelude ( forgotten which one! ) on steel drum. I jest not. it was a marvellous rendition and I feel sure that The Great Man himself would have wholeheartedly endorsed it. Anyway that excellent recording you have so kindly provided of JB proves the point completely. xx Good old Jennifer xx
  11. Yet another unfortunate loss to the organ world, and the world of music at large. Sadly there only appears to be one comment regarding her life and career in one of the daily rags. I have reminded myself as to the excellence of her playing by digging out her performances of List and Stanford at the RAH. Her televised performance from Norwich of Messiaen is still unforgettable.
  12. Interesting topic and especially relevant in relation to contemporary times and attitudes regarding organs, their locations, their players, and the organ repertoire as it stands. The organ is a most unfortunate creature in that it will forever be associated as a machine for merely accompanying the human voice; a historical allusion which goes back to the days of " The Great Winchester Organ " and its players ( " thumpers " ? ) As a result of this historical association the organ has never really been able to escape from these limiting shackles as to developing its full potential.
  13. Don`t think this piece was a particular favourite of Uncle Joe.
  14. Probably as a direct result of him being born and bred north of Watford Gap. Time well overdue that all this nonsense was swept out with the rest of the detritus.
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