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  1. For years we managed with Merbecke, the Addington Serice plus Dom Gregory Murray's setting of the Mass. After a long interregnum a new man arrived and brought with him Patrick Appleford's setting plus a request that we use it. I know what I think but I would be interested in the thoughts of fellow organists.
  2. Concerning Virgil Fox, I have contemplated posting the following on this thread, and have now decided to put my head above the parapet, and am quite expecting to be shot down for having "bad taste". For a really moving performance, see http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=JSbNgX1_-SA. I think that most people will have the same initial negative reaction as I had. However, upon subsequent listenings, I've really grown to appreciate this, especially considering the circumstances of its performance. I think it displays a really fine sense of musicianship, and a really skillful organist, and I've gone ba
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