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    Playing the organ, listening to organ music both live and recorded, railways, photography, walking, swimming, cooking and eating, driving (1969 Morris Minor amongst others) and keeping my wife in the manner to which she has become accustomed. That means that I took very early retirement and she still works!

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  1. Just brilliant and a great way to deal with my least favourite key signature. One observation; make sure that the orange is nice and firm ...
  2. Oliver Latry, in an article printed in The Times this morning, says that the organ in Notre Dame may well be playable within 3 years. The article is ahead of his Proms appearance next Sunday morning.
  3. Having just joined the 21st century and bought an Amazon Alexa thing for the home (after enjoying the use of one in a holiday cottage) a voice activated console should be a possibility. It would need a faster response time than Alexa but with a closed-circuit system rather than wi-fi/internet it should be possible. "Fred, swell No8, swell to great" etc etc Mind you, some careful filters for error-led profanities and mischievous asistants/choristers/ curates/ spouses and so on might be advisable. </realmoffantasymode> 🦄🦄
  4. There was a standing ovation at the end of Dame Gillian Weir's inaugural recital on the Tickell organ at Worcester Cathedral. I was seated in front of the tomb of King John on an especially hard seat with no back support and was one of the first to leap to my feet...
  5. In 2019 is it really a problem that one cannot listen to a live broadcast? In my house we have 3 devices capable of recording high quaity digital sound plus 2 others, with simple timers, that can record a very decent analogue broadcast all of which can be connected to a sound system to be replayed at a time convenient to all. This does not of course address the simple fact that the BBC Proms authorities regard organ music, and the simply amazing instrument available to them in the Albert Hall, with disdain and being of lesser status than the scratching of strings 🤾‍♂️.🏃‍♂️
  6. What a gloriously moving and engaging service this is. I can't stop watching... I wish that I were there.
  7. Earlier in the week there was an incident in St Patrick's cathedral, New York when a man was arrested in possession of petrol, lighter fuel and lighters.
  8. Oops! It was in the presence of Giscard d'Estaing the mass being in honour of De Gaulle. I should wear my specs for CD case writing.
  9. If, as we all hope, the organ were to be saved I imagine that it would have to removed from the cathedral to allow for the fabric of the building to be properly assessed and repaired. With this in mind it will be many years if not decades before it will be heard again. I have just played the Solstice recording of Pierre Cochereau's improvisation in the minor key on La Marseillaise which he played in 1977 for the funeral mass of Pres. Giscard d'Estaing. It seemed appropriate... Amd what has Radio 3 just played? Go on, guess. [Clue - it's not an improv by PC]
  10. I remember hearing Paul Hale play a recital at Walsall Town Hall on the excellent Nicholson and Lord/Compton/Mander/Hawkins organ. He ended with an arrangement by a theatre organist friend of the Widor V final movement interspersed with "When the Saints Go Marching In" theme largely in the pedal. He ussed the wobulation devices (😊) and I recall thinking at the time that is was a shame that there wasn't one on the pedal organ as the 32' reed in particular would have been fun had there been.
  11. Thank you carrick - my ignorance of the Blackpool Wurlizter scene is shocking! Having never visited the town or known anything about the organs I had wrongly assumed that all 3 venues were part of the same. I am fascinated by the theatre/cinema organ and enjoy the sound; especially when the tremulants are used a bit more sparingly than sometimes seems to be the case but I put that down to my, ummm, blinkered early years! Mrs H and & I have long said that we should like to see the Blackpool illuminations so in the coming Autumn we shall and try to time the visit with a concert.
  12. I recall hearing or reading somewhere that the Blackpool Wurlizter has a significant amount of electronic amplification. Is this correct or an urban myth? Thanks
  13. I have vague memories of seeing, when very young (8 or 9?), a "light-organ" show at the long-gone Bingley Hall in Birmingham during a visit with my parents. I recall that dancing columns of water illuminated by coloured lights were accompanied and controlled by an organ although whether pipe or electronic I don't know. The performance was during some sort of home economics event where housewives were able to buy various new new kitchen implements. I can still in my mind's eye the yellow plastic butter dish my mother bought which had a hollow lid into which warm water could be poured to soften the butter on cold days! I remember that better than the light-organ show...
  14. Sad news indeed. I very much like his anthem, "O Lord the Maker of All Thing" - wonderfully atmospheric and exciting music to both perform and hear. On a lighter note; on the day that the 2012 Olympic Torch was being paraded through Stratford-upon-Avon (1 July 2012) I played "Torches" as a postlude to our morning service. The congregation just didn't get it...
  15. May I say how much I miss pcnd5584's erudite and knowledgeable contributions to this forum...
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