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  1. Andrew Fletcher's review in the latest Organists' review of the new Latry Franck CD from Deutche Gramophon (for some reason titled 'IN SPIRITUM') is nothing short of extatic! Has anyone heard it yet - if so is it worth buying? AJJ
  2. Likewise Philip Marshall at Lincoln - he was still in charge (just) when we moved there in the early 80s and his console control - psalms especially - was a revelation. In a different way a service at the console at St Albans with Peter Hurford playing was an interesting experience too - all the hymn verses were harmonized differently for a start. 'Not sure how the choir coped with this though. AJJ
  3. I once had to play after a service sung by a visiting choir on the H & H at St Albans Abbey - I had never played the instrument before the final hymn but everything I wanted was in the right place - the organ almost played itself!! AJJ
  4. The organist there in my time (and fellow Southampton undergrad.) is now Vicar of South Stoneham & Burgess Road! AJJ 'Worth a visit if anyone likes Lewis' work on a small scale as well as Soutwark etc. and a lovely church too:- http://npor.emma.cam.ac.uk/cgi-bin/Rsearch...ec_index=N18679
  5. 'Used to play it as a student - 'a little gem and with all the noise from the rest of the list a good one to remind of the need for thought etc. on a one manual. AJJ
  6. 1. Lincoln Cathedral (Father Willis/Harrison) 2. St Albans Cathedral (Downes/Hurford/Harrison) 3. St Anne's Limehouse, London (Gray & Davison) 4. St Paul's K Street, Washington (Schoenstein) 5. St Matthew's Otterbourne, Hants. (T.C.Lewis) AJJ
  7. Now there's an organ and a building!! I did my PGCE in Winchester and remember St Cross well!! AJJ
  8. I agree but when choir and organ both seem to be in terminal decline it all seems a bit sad! A digital piano pretending to be an organ with the real thing still functioning well yet unused in another part of the building is even more worrying. AJJ
  9. My local town centre parish church has a large 3 manual in a north choir chamber and used to have a large choir (complete with repertoire) nearby as well. I went to deputize there earlier this month after an absence of a year or so and was directed to the north side of the main church where there is an electronic piano (with rhythm section and multitudes of other noises) along with seats for the much reduced choir and its 'choir leader'. The Vicar then re programmed this machine to give eight different 'organ' sounds ranging from very quiet to Royal Albert Hall - ''Those should do.'' He added.
  10. It seems to be out now - the CD you want is there - page 2 of the 'Complete Organ Works' category of the catalogue. Try this! http://www.priory.org.uk/ AJJ
  11. There was a fairly detailed and well written article sometime ago in Organists' Review about the organs in Christian Science churches in London. I can't remember when this was and my copy is buried deep somewhere at present (pressure on space - young family etc!!) All I remember about the author was that he had done a degree thesis on funeral arrangements or something along similar lines! Not much help - sorry! AJJ
  12. Try this:- http://npor.emma.cam.ac.uk/cgi-bin/Rsearch...ec_index=N16392 It's in the National Pipe Organ Register rather than the British Organ Archive - I think!! AJJ
  13. AJJ


    This came through today - quite fun to look at and the JAV CDs with Thomas Murray demonstrating are a must! Spec on the second link. AJJ http://homepage.mac.com/joe.vitacco/PhotoAlbum21.html http://postsnet.com/r.html?c=631084&r=6304...2ehtml&g=0&f=-1 http://www.pipeorgancds.com/thommurplayw1.html
  14. New edition now available via this website - along with much more good music - take a look! http://www.impulse-music.co.uk/fitzjohnmusic.htm AJJ
  15. Coincidentally I know of a new edition being completed at present (not by me I hasten to add) - more news here when and if it becomes available. AJJ
  16. I heard it some years ago on a group visit of some sort - 'was surprised (can't think why) how 'Willis' it actually sounded. We went to the Gaumont State up the road in the same visit - 'not really my thing though! AJJ
  17. I think you are right - somewhere (past Organbuilding mag. perhaps) is an article about the 'greater Walker empire' explaining sort of how it all works!! AJJ
  18. AJJ

    Stop-list Alert!

    Mine! http://npor.emma.cam.ac.uk/cgi-bin/Rsearch...ec_index=N12535 AJJ Plus the views of course!! http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/main/w-vh/...oto_gallery.htm
  19. As far as I know Meakin is runnging the restoration arm of Walkers from Chippenham - at least this seemed the way of things a year or so ago. AJJ
  20. ''The truth is, there are two superb organists on the school staff there (Ian Little and Simon Wright) either of whom would clearly have done an excellent CD of the organ if it were really in record-worthy condition.'' Ian Little is still there but the assistant DOM and Organist is now William Dore MA, FRCO, who I think is the son of the late Philip Dore. Somewhere I have a '45' record of Ampleforth - bought years ago - 'can't remember what's on it but I seem to remember those horizontal trumpets getting an airing. AJJ
  21. It sounds like an instrument (or console at least) by Rothwell - if you log onto the NPOR and put him into the builder search you might come up with what you want. I think there is one in the Harrow area which has not long been restored to near original working order. AJJ
  22. Themes from Harry Potter - Sunday before Christmas during communion - the kids liked it anyway! AJJ
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