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  1. In the event, a young lady trumpet student was engaged to play the Last Post and the Rouse, although the 2 minute silence was truncated to about 40s. (Timing is always precarious at these events; the length of the hymn and the names of the fallen in 2 world wars and subsequent conflicts being relatively few in number from the village, all conspired to leave us 6 minutes short of 11a.m - so another 2 minutes could have felt like overdoing it.) I was filling in, it is an instrument with peculiarities, and it was a short-notice thing, so I went for the possible rather than the ideal. I
  2. I reckon even I can manage to transpose a 4- note piece down a tone, although I wouldn't care to try it off the cuff for anything more complex. I'm not quite up to the St Anne fugue though; it was only after a run- through yesterday that I realised I didn't have a copy of Nimrod so hastily found a free download, to my great relief. After all my careful prep it could happen that an obliging bugler will be in place after all, but it's as well to be ready for the worst. I hope everyone's Remembrance Sunday goes well.
  3. I know practically nothing about them either, other than the part I have was written for Bb trumpet. Thank you for replying - it's good to know that if the vicar can't muster another bugler by Sunday, I will not be the only one sitting at an organ pretending to be something else!
  4. I will apologise in advance if I'm asking this question in the wrong place..... The bugler for Sunday's service has been double-booked. As I am playing there I have been asked to provide a safety net with the organ and have sourced a copy of the Last Post and the Reveille (or Rouse, as I believe it is correctly named). I understand some may be exercised as to whether even a trumpet is an acceptable substitute for a bugle, never mind an organ. My copy is written in C major. Do I need to transpose it down to B flat to be as authentic as possible? or are bugles tuned to something else?
  5. Evidently not a piece with a lot of following. Probably a good choice for a diploma programme in that case....
  6. The further I get into this piece the more it feels like a first-half of something. Also, it is suspiciously short. If anyone here plays it, do you follow it with the Cortege which is tantalisingly offered as a specimen on the inside back cover? (And, naturally, sold separately!)
  7. How interesting; I hadn't realised how widespread this boast was. A few weeks ago I attended Morning Prayer at St Mary the Virgin, Long Preston and over coffee I remarked what a pity it was that the organ was out of action. The kindly church warden assured me that it was only shrouded in plastic sheeting whilst the windows were undergoing some sort of restoration. "We understand it was once played by a famous composer but we can't remember who - we just know it began with aitch." I suppose it could have been Howells or Holst (all manner of things are attributed to Haille Selassie but a
  8. You cannot be too careful with initials; elsewhere, in a place frequented by 'mums' it is the accepted shortened form of 'darling daughter'. You may imagine the others. Sorry to barge in.....
  9. Almost every organist I have ever heard has been better than me, and this is deeply discouraging especially as no matter how bad I am no one will sack me - pity when there are many more skillful and worthy people who would probably like the job. My main qualification is ability to read music, having a pulse and the kind of rude health which means I never have an excuse not to turn up. As a sub, I have been covering sick-leave and this now appears to be indefinite so I have been left holding a very heavy, bawling baby. Applications on a postcard; 2-manual Rushworth +Dreaper that usually w
  10. I was most surprised to read a churchwarden in the piece calling this a 'very public forum'. At least I presume s/he meant this one. Hardly! It would be difficult to imagine anywhere less likely to come to the notice of those mentioned. But just in case, I will not divulge the details of the music for a child's memorial service today. (Not surprisingly, an organist was not required for this.) You never know who might be listening, and one would not wish to appear disgruntled or less than loyal....
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