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  1. I haven't watched the Eucharist but would commend the Evensong which included the dedication of the organ by the Archbishop of York. It features a rather interesting set of improvisations early in the service under the section 'The singing of the organ'. But perhaps even more ingenious is the sermon, which is accompanied by the organ in a descriptive manner - I'm not sure if this was wholly improvised although clearly Ben Morris had the text to follow and respond to. Add to this Demessieux Te Deum before, Lanquetuit Toccata after and that Ashfield triple chant for Psalm 66. At the end of
  2. And they can be very effective. Southwell Minster has digital 32s (flue and reed) on both its organs and they are certainly effective.
  3. Having looked at the recording, and knowing the building, it was definitely the screen organ being played, so it is still working as normal. I think it has been covered in plastic for some time, going back to pre-Covid. And yes, the Nicholson arrangement is excellent!
  4. David, I have transcribed it from the brass parts and would happily send you the pdf, if you don't mind the fact the notation software I used for it is a bit ropey! I have the Hark the herald one too, but I rarely use that as I don't think it's as effective. Please PM your e-mail address if you're interested.
  5. I'm fascinated that this thread which I started so long ago has re-emerged! My choices would certainly be different now to those from back then, definitely featuring Howells canticles for starters... I think the trouble with Stanford in C is that folk tend to sing it too quickly but that it's hard work at a slower pace, especially in a less than gracious acoustic with a smallish choir. When it's sung with appropriate grandeur it sounds majestic. But I'd not put it as my favourite of the Stanford services (that's the A, I think). I get the whole point about 32ft reeds etc, but take th
  6. Would you believe it? Having grumpily played this morning on Gt and Pedal only, one of our basses who had been absent on Christmas Eve/Day after the service located the box which connects organ and speakers. Turns out the cable had become dislodged; plug it in, and suddenly everything works. A mixture of relief and frustration.
  7. Good idea! Sunday evening - joint carol service at the Methodist Church with joint choirs. Bedard, Bullard, Mulet and Gordon Young beforehand and Andrew Gant's Toccata on 'Mendelssohn' after. This is a heavy tracker action organ so I rule out some of the French repertoire for the benefit of my wrists! Although said organ is likely to be significantly altered before I'm next there in two years if current plans come to fruition, so maybe things will be different then. Christmas Eve Service 1 - crib service at Beeston - the Hakanpaa Richard mentions, having used it on Christmas Day
  8. Like Martin we had two services. We did a slightly abridged Eucharist half an hour earlier, for which I played Parry's Elegy before and JSB's Kyrie Gott heiliger geist (BWV 671) after. Our second service, which is the civic service for the town/borough, works the opposite way round, starting at the war memorial with the silence etc and then filing into church. I played an assortment while the filing took place including Nimrod (arr. Gower from OUP Ceremonial Music), Angel's Farewell, St Anne Fugue, Rawsthorne Aria, Parry's Memorial Piece from the Little Organ Book and possibly others that
  9. Hilary Punnett to move from Lincoln to be Assistant at Chelmsford. Her husband Simon Hogan to leave Southwell to move south with her.
  10. As a regular accompanist at St Mary's, Nottingham, I started writing a post about the Marcussen yesterday and thought better of it, fearing it would stray into pipe vs digital territory. However, since we've already gone there... I don't think the choir at St Mary's was of the same standing as now at the time David Butterworth procured the Marcussen, as it pre-dates John Keys' tenure. It is a fine instrument but within the building scarcely ideal for anything - located in a side aisle so struggling to project down the Nave but round a corner when accompanying in the chancel (where it is p
  11. Thanks for your post Richard. Solely on that basis, I've downloaded the Adeste Fideles, thankfully it looks fairly straightforward on the pdf. I might copy you with doing it for Christmas morning. You must claim your commission for it! I've got carol services at Beeston on 23rd December and at St Mary's, Nottingham on Christmas Eve, and both will get the same set of voluntaries. Half an hour beforehand - Daquin Noël Suisse, Guilmant Pastorale from No 1, Mulet Noël (from Esquisses Byzantines), Bédard Noël Huron (a personal favourite, which means I use it too often), Langlais La Nativité (f
  12. At danger of this going off topic...I agree with Vox that fast isn't always better. That said, Kerry Beaumont's pace is a bit slow for my liking, but having just tried the suggested speed (quaver = 200-208) it sounds like he is fairly close to 200, so maybe I'm wrong! I have to admit when I started playing this piece I didn't check the metronome marking and just played it how it felt right. This was not in a building like Coventry Cathedral, of course. On the second performance (and I hope what follows doesn't offend!) I quite like it at the speed you get at about 1:50 (the return of the
  13. What fascinating replies, I've discovered three pieces I didn't know already. I'm now wondering if the Marsh Toccata is within my grasp, but for the price of a cheap download I might well chance it... In the same spirit, a couple of favourites from me. I've recently discovered the Organists Charitable Little Organ Book, which includes two excellent pieces which aren't difficult and in my view is worth the tenner spent for these two alone. https://www.musicroom.com/product-detail/product711528/variant711528/organists-charitable-trust-little-organ-book/ One is Philip Moore's Paean - th
  14. Well yes, but Wills and Kate managed I was glad, Blest pair, a Rutter writes Rutter commission and Paul Mealor. I hoped we'd get another commission or, failing that, something a bit more interesting. To be engaged to sing for an occasion like that and then get told that's all you're singing - still, I'm sure they were all paid handsomely for it.
  15. You'd probably be appalled at some of the things I do Vox! I'll add Mr Bond's effort to the bank I'm building for future use...and a number of them come from Cathedral organists, although some are my own inventions. Agree it was excellent herding. For my taste in a big setting it could have been at a broader tempo (indeed, having read your post then watched it, not having seen the event, it was a wee bit faster than I expected). As an aside, if I was in the choir I'd have been extremely disappointed at the dull fare I was given to sing. Back on tempo, I still recall the only occasion
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