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  1. Jeffrey Makinson was Assistant Organist at Lincoln from 1994 to 1999.
  2. Jeffrey Makinson, currently Sub Organist at Manchester Cathedral, has been appointed Asst.DOM at Lincoln Cathedral with effect from January 2015.
  3. I quote from the Vicar's Letter dated August 2012: "After nearly 10 years at All Saints, Paul now wishes to have the freedom to explore new opportunities in his increasingly busy professional career". He leaves on 28th April 2013. A
  4. Thought for the day? 5pm Sunday 2nd September. From Radio 3's Jonathan Swain: "What's not to like" and "What an organist"
  5. Shaun Turnbull, currently DOM at both St John's College Durham and Ponteland Parish Church, has been appointed AsstDOM at Blackburn Cathedral. He starts in late August.
  6. James Davy, AsstDOM at Blackburn has been appointed DOM at Chelmsford.
  7. You may like to know that Alex Woodrow, Asst.Org. Hexham Abbey, has been appointed DOM at Bradford Cathedral w.e.f. January 2012. A
  8. The Bridgewater Hall website states that WM will end his recital with an improvisation on themes suggested by the audience. Two and a half hours sounds about right. Wayne always gives value for money!! A
  9. See www.stmaryscathedral.org.uk for details of new 3 manual mechanical action organ. A
  10. No. Naji Hakim departed in 2008!
  11. Very sorry to hear the news, but many thanks for informing the board of the cancellation. A
  12. For anyone interested in this colourful project: Cathedral website (under MUSIC heading) now shows completed organ and details of recitals in 2011.
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