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  1. In the 1940s my parents gave my late Grandfather's American Organ to St Mary's Tynings Lane Church in Aldridge, Staffs. I felt quite proud to be singing hymns in Sunday School accompanied by it. How long it lasted I don't know as we moved away in 1948.
  2. Peter King will return to Lichfield for a Festival recital (http://www.lichfieldfestival.org/blog/2011/04/18/peter-king/) Friday 8th July, at 12 noon Chapelle de Guillaume Tell - Liszt Prelude and Fugue in E minor - Mendelssohn Sposalizio - Liszt Two Canons from opus 56: v in B minor, vi in B - Schumann Fantasia and Fugue on “Ad nos, ad salutarem undam” - Liszt
  3. T'was popular for weddings at a former Church where my wife was choirmistress. Severe "no sniggers" warnings to choristers were always needed.
  4. Ralph Allwood's brother, Peter, is resigning as Head of Lichfield Cathedral School in July in order to do other things, I think mainly musical. Perhaps an Allwood brothers business?
  5. PEDANT MODE on! The Bishop of Shrewsbury is an Area Bishop in Lichfield Diocese. I would think that Fr Paul was appointed by the Bishop of Chester. PEDANT MODE off. I'm glad that it was such a satisfactory event.
  6. Link here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/today/hi/today/newsi...000/9329829.stm
  7. Just a word of caution: most cathedral choirs and organists are on holiday from 18 July to the first full week in September so if there is choral music it will be from visiiting choirs.
  8. I ccould have waited a little longer.
  9. Recitals at Lichfield Cathedral, 7.30 pm: Tomorrow (12 October) Martyn Rawles, Cathedral Organist, "Musical portraits of Paris and London" - including Mozart, Vierne, Vaughan Williams. £10 with CCTV of the Organist's socks and interval wine/soft drink. 9th November "Many hands play light works" Reqests and multi player pieces from the four cathedral organ players: Martyn Rawles, Nigel Argust and Ben & Cathy Lamb. Also £10.
  10. I was taken to meet Harry Goss-Custard in 1948 at his house by the cathedral when visiting my uncle in Birkenhead. I just remember that he seemed a very old man! (I was nine). My grandfather was first Sub-Dean of Liverpool in the mid 20s and uncle had been allowed to sit in the organ loft.
  11. We have had both SoP and Antiques Roadshow at Lichfield. The SoP recordings with congregations were done on succesive nights in November 2006, one for Christmas and one for Easter. We had to rehearse on the days before and wear "spring" clothing for the Easter "show". They also recorded non-congregational items at other times with the Choir, Chamber Choir and a visiting duo "Opera Babes" of whom least said the better! These were used as inserts and also to make a third SoP programme "Saints and Angels" transmitted in the following June. Aled Jones came back several times to do intros and linki
  12. We have had a few wealthy benefactors recently and some English Heritage funding but one reason for Lichfield's current problems was the collapse of a Heritage Lottery Fund application which HLF could not fund when their allocation was reduced to fund the Olympics. HLF had previously told us to ask for more than our original application. Ironically the major cost at the moment is the repair of the East End stonework and the 16C Herkenrode glass which arrived in 1802 as the result of a generous near gift (£200 for seven large windows). Getting back to appointments! - Ben and Cathy Lamb hav
  13. All things (including the banquets) that we have done in Lichfield Cathedral for many years but we still need £millions more to keep the building in a fit condition.
  14. Wed 11th at 1.10 Martyn Rawles in Lichfield Cathedral. Free with retiring collection.
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