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My organ teacher showed me where the church key was hidden shortly after I started lessons at 14 about 30 years ago. This would be surprising anywhere nowadays but the church was a major parish church with much valuable plate and unique Elizabethan monuments and tombs in addition to the large organ. I suspect he informed neither the vicar nor the churchwardens.

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iPlayer will not be compatible with Macs for some (unspecified) time, which is ironic given its name implies an Apple connection cf. iPod, iLife, iWork, iTouch, iPhone etc.

The BBC today [18 December] announced it has developed a version of its popular iPlayer that works with Mac and Linux computers, as well as PCs.


The two systems, which until now could only stream programmes from the iPlayer, will now be able to handle downloads as well.


The BBC has worked with Adobe to develop the new version, known as BBC iPlayer Desktop. It has been written using Adobe's AIR technology which aims to make it possible to create applications that can be downloaded to your computer, rather than embedded in browser web pages.


Those who want to try the new version can download a trial version from the Labs section of the iPlayer site. A finished version is likely to be released in February 2009, says the BBC.

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