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  1. I would be happy to take on responsibility through my company, although we would seek some form of fundraising to ensure it is viable, as a small company we probably couldn't afford to pay the full ongoing costs. However, I am open to the idea of saving the forum in its current form.
  2. This is not the evidence I am reading. Shouting caries the droplets much further, but singing (properly, and I'm not saying all choirs do so) does not send them as far as loud speaking, such as reading a lesson. However, it is developing science!
  3. This is really very sad. Manders led the way through the second half of the Twentieth century with restorations of war damage and then some very fine new organs across the world.
  4. Indeed, the next few years are going to be tough for the church and choral music. I am not sure it is the case at Sheffield that politics or finances have anything to do with it but rather a desire to be the best in the UK, which has been somewhat elusive of late for the cathedral's music. Personally, I think they are taking the wrong approach by disbanding the choir and starting again, especially in regards to the children (boys), who will suffer the effects on their mental health for the rest of their lives. The double whammy is actually a triple whammy, because the world was going into rece
  5. So the Dean is concerned that there are one or two people at Evensong, well so am I, but, the purpose of Choral EVensong is to offer worship to God, not put bums on seats, but as he said later there are difficulties with the time, so a solution without disbandment is possible. To answer his specific points: "It was very encouraging that contributions to consultation showed broad agreement. To summarise the the findings: we want a choir that is full--which has not been the case for some time - Already identified as caused partly by the limited schoolaccess, widen it.
  6. On the subject of three phase rectifiers, can anyone supply me with a data sheet or instructions on how to change the DC output voltage on the unit attached in the photo, or manufacturer and model number if you have it. Thanks, Jonathan
  7. I'm a bit confused by your comment, there is a Tierce, so therefore ample means to play both the Cornet Voluntary and the continental repertoire that require the Cornet, as well as other registrations that a Cornet alone would not allow for. Surely the principle reason for the instrument is the accompaniment of the Opus Dei, and as such, the specification appears not only complete but comprehensive. The Mander organ and the Willis organ before that both had a Tierce, but only one.
  8. Thank you all, very useful information. I knew there were people who would know more than me on this subject! As David says, it is very difficult to tell from a stoplist what an actual stop is or how it is configured.
  9. Thank you Marc, I suspected SA might lead the field! Do you know if there is a list? Its really just ideal curiosity.
  10. Ok good people, I am sure there are plenty of you out there with greater knowledge of African organs than I! I would be interested to know how many organs in Africa have true 32' stops, i.e. not Acoustic or Electronic. Stopped or Open 32' flues and 32' reeds. Jonathan
  11. Seems remarkably good value for money!
  12. Me too! I frequently use a 16' on the manuals in accompaniment and solo work, and find it far more useful to have it in the Swell, although I would prefer one on every division. Jonathan
  13. I normally only lend spare copies these days, unless to current pupils. This wasn't a pupil!
  14. It is an interesting question. As for the GPRanches instruction, I believe you are correct, it does come else where, although I cannot remember where at present! To be able to at the G & P anches you need to have only the R anches on at that point. I'm wondering if the other question actually implies that the GO anches shouldn't be on at all at the opening. Remembering what a great deal of French organs are like, the P & R anches would be sufficient with the full chorus to give a full organ effect. The GO anches would be added for additional effect, at the climax of a passage. Of
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