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Andriessen: where to find sheet music?


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I have been unsuccessfully trying to find somewhere to buy Hendrik Andriessen's 'Thema met Variaties': it is widely enough played that I assumed it would be easy to find. I'm currently learning it off a photocopy, but wanted to actually buy a proper copy if possible. I was also impressed by the same composer's 'Premier Choral' which I heard and fancied having a look at, but, again, haven't been able to track it down. Has anybody got any ideas, please?

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Guest Geoff McMahon

Damian Beasley-Suffolk who is not a member of the board has asked me to post this for him and for you all.




Good afternoon

There is a query on your discussion board "The organ and its music" about music by Henk Andriessen. As I'm not a member, perhaps you could pass this information on to the enquirer or post it yourself.

Kind regards

Damian Beasley-Suffolk

The pieces Thema met variaties and Premier Choral by Henk Andriessen are available at EUR9.95 each from Albersen Muziek in The Hague. Their contact details are:

Albersen Muziek
Valeriusstraat 12
2517 HR Den Haag

Tel.: +31 70 - 345 60 00
Fax: + 3170 - 345 71 10

Their webshop is www.albersenmuziek.nl click on "naar de webwinkel" and enter what you'd like.

Alternatively, just call them. They're all knowledgeable people and English is no problem for a town with music students from all over the world.

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Is there any reason why the theme and variations is no longer available from uk music shops? My copy is approaching 40 years old and close to disintegration, I had tried, without success to source a replacement and had assumed it was out of print. I believe it was an ARCO test piece in the late 70s or early 80s, has it fallen so far from grace?

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If you haven't yet found a copy of the Andriessen Theme & Variations, we have copies available at the English Organ School price £10.

Margaret Phillips.

I tried, and failed, to find a website for EOS through Google. How would I go about buying a copy from you or finding what else you have available?
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It's also offered on the http://www.prestoclassical.co.uk/ website at £14.33, but with the warning that they are currently out of stock and it may take several weeks to get. That site has several of his other organ compositions. There are also several organ compositions (but not the Thema).


Both of those sites now stock quite a lot of other Dutch music not previously available (as far as I know) in England, including music by Feike Asma, Willem Twillert and the Zwarts, J and WH.

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