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(Besides Paul's interesting comment!)


Why ? Because I never mix my own likes and dislikes with the matter. The data is final,

not my tiny ego.


Paul, there are huge differencies between a Wagner Scharff (with 4/5') and a romantic tierce Mixture,

no doubt, but they share something like a "family feeling".

And both permitted to break down the wall between "Engchor" (Principal choruses) and "Weitchor"

(Flute choruses), and to add the reeds as well; in short, the way to the full organ was open.

Oscar Walcker pointed it out. He tried to resist to neo-baroque ideas since as early as 1920, but had

to follow, though, and built quint Mixtures.

But with as closed feets as possible without being remarked by the experts...

(First case was Rheinoldikirche Dortmund, 1919, expert Emil Rupp)




Pierre, neither it is anything to do with my own 'tiny ego'. My views have been shaped by my teachers and my experience as a performer. (However, speaking as a performer, I would suggest that it is impossible to give a credible performance of a work, if one does not hold some view or other as to how it should be interpreted.)


Without wishing to prolong the agony, I have yet to see incontrovertible evidence of some of the points which you mention. Dr. Peter Williams disagrees on one point witrh Dr. David Yearsley and Stephen Bicknell has strongly refuted another argument: "There is no identifiable Bach organ, and despite the hopes of many researchers the possible connection between J. S. Bach and the design of any particular instrument - whether the Trost organ at Altenburg or the Hildebrandt at Naumburg - is at best treacherously tenuous."


However, as you say on the other thread, perhaps this sleeping dog should be left to lie....

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