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BIOS Journal 44 (2020) - an absolute cracker


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Henry Willis III  dissertation Vol 44 BIOS Journal

Very many thanks to Bruce Buchanan for penning this most welcome addition to a greater understanding of HW III

Written by his last pupil apprentice, it exhibits thorough research from a wide range of sources both literary and human.

A pleasure to read, it is informative and grammatically correct whilst steering a path through a titan’s progress all the time ensuring measured accuracy.

Coupled with a mention by David Wells in NR obituary of the young 30 year old Rawsthorne summoning the seventy year old Willis to appreciate his new Positive pipework tuning difficulties reminds of the anecdote often told by NR - when the Dean and Chapter of St Paul’s Cathedral were interviewing organbuilder firms in advance of the 1960 works, they asked , when Henry Willis IIII turned up alone, who his advisers were , he allegedly replied .. “Dean... none but God”

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