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  1. As detailed in Alan Buchan’s excellent book Organs in Scotland Stonehaven Mackie Academy Ingram 3 manual ex3 from house of Dr Mackie ( original school) to later school and to here by John Fraser Rector, rebuilt by technical dept with help of David Loosley Organ Builder 3/18 ex3
  2. Quite a few Willis JDP organs came to Scotland largely through the excellent Scottish Manager Ian Frost based in Edinburgh Pleasance Works. I believe the tilting tablets were standard Willis economy console but the illumination was a rear number plate lamp from a Morris Minor or similar!
  3. This arpeggiate downwards was a feature adopted by Herrick Bunney ,Master of the Music St Giles Cathedral Edinburgh to compensate for the lack of St Giles’ resonance
  4. Accurate but a trifle harsh.. the Organ House was designed by Pugin the younger. in Allbutt’s words “ it was a pleasant building in chalet style,large enough to seat some eight hundred people...built of mainly wooden framing,protected by slates and panelled within with fine white woods its acoustic properties proved to be sympathetic with the music”
  5. Edward Violette ,regarded as the finest pipemaker in London , died in 1867 at tragically early age of 45 He operated from Camden I understand He knew Henry Willis and was a contemporary age wise This snippets I have gleaned from the British Newspaper Archive His business was bought by Brindley and moved to Sheffield No doubt the long awaited book on Brindley by Bryan Hughes will expand on this. I understand it is being sent out to subscribers this month.
  6. A well travelled Kingsgate Davidson https://www.npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=P00538 built for London Residence 1960s moved to St Leonard’s In the Field Perth moved to Simon Langton School Canterbury moved to Petts Wood
  7. Ralph Downes Baroque Tricks refers warmly to Reginald W Davidson “ my ever faithful friend” in connection with Oratory p58-64 assisting RD “to attain his tonal ideals”. Kingsgate Davidson took over the maintenance of the Oratory organ from 1944
  8. “bravado of the bumptious upstart” ..what a delightful phrase which paints such a vivid picture! I am led to believe the author is the last pupil apprentice of HW III May I persuade him to share first hand some personal experiences of HW III before the sands of time obliterate the fine detail and we rely on anecdote alone?
  9. Looking at the year 1961/62 and it saying Compton , Liverpool,is it not more likely to be an item from Rushworth & Dreaper that arrived in this Chapel in America rather than a Compton export?
  10. The Organ October 1947 Boosey & Hawkes ad The Hammond Organ - a typical setting for the War Memorial that LIVES ” the control of volume is as effective as its softest as in the majesty of its heavier tonal possibilities when used to fill a larger building such as Canterbury Cathedral - as indeed it does”
  11. At a glance through the British Newspaper Archive a small model Positive Organ would include - 44 note compass 1 Open Diapason tenorF grooved to 3 spotted metal 8 2 Salicional tenor F grooved to 3 spotted metal 8 3 Gedeckt Bass and Gedeckt Treble. wood. 8 4 Dulcet Bass and Dulcet Treble. spotted metal 4 5 Double Bass. Patent wood. 16 6 Melodic Diapason Transposer Combination lever throwing on and off loud stops Spotted metal front in pyramid form casework -prepared for These instruments launched in 1896 were advertised extensively in local press by selling dealers with over 400 being sold within a few years Catalogues , designs and new models are regular features in these ads.
  12. P Larg & Co 199 Union St Aberdeen advertised in 1899 The New “Positive “ Real Pipe Organ for Churches and Chapels Prices from £75 to £250 designs and full particulars of specifications post free from Sole Agents P LARG & CO Largs were a successful music retailer across Scotland Glasgow ,Dundee and Aberdeen who supplied many organs of this genre
  13. Compton provided a 8 rank for Aberdeen Astoria Cinema opened December 8 ,1934 - first illuminated console in Scotland-positioned on stage railway cost £2300
  14. Hardly a grill surely..but an Architectural indication of a free standing instrument with mechanical action console below ( electrical one hopefully in orchestral area) With Organs Philharmonie in Paris and Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg now realities by Rieger and Klais and Gothenburg in pipeline, Barbican architects have clear pointers to new concert hall instruments. The Hall visual is stunning- lets hope the organ becomes the jewel in this new musical crown!
  15. 21 years of Organ Building by Maurice Forsyth-Grant Positif Press 1987 Covers Degens& Rippen Ltd,Grant Degens&Rippen Ltd and Grant Degens & Bradbeer Ltd Foreward by Peter Hurford and a lively read which reflects MFG colourful organbuilding attitude enjoy!
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