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    Noël Rawsthorne

    I first met Noel in 1969 when page turning for him in St Andrew’s Cathedral Aberdeen. My personal memories over the following 50 years abound with his fabulous musicmaking,sparkling humour and practical administrative efficiency. Memorable recitals from the Festival Hall to the tiniest village in remotest Scotland received the same detailed preparation - his cathedral service musical dimension matching the edifice perfectly. Post recital entertaining to the faithful with “famous organist anecdotes” or “playing the matches” which he always won! Skill displayed whether in his host’s kitchen or in his own garden or improving the running of his beloved cathedral. A warm endearing person to meet. A world class artist!
  2. philipmgwright

    St Thomas, Fifth Avenue

    Many thanks for putting up this link so quickly. It made me feel a part of this celebration.The Dobson sounded exceptional in the Wagner and Daniel Hyde deserved the audience accolade. Also nice touch to include a reference to Gerre Hancock in form of one of his improvisations ...further Daniel’s modest comments that improvisations were not yet in his music galaxy. Busy now downloading the Celebratory Brochure! philipmgwright
  3. philipmgwright

    List of beautiful English Organs

    I am surprised to learn of the nameplate on the Willis at Stony Stratford since... The St George’s Charlotte Square Edinburgh organ was a 1882 Willis 2/21 r 1897 Willis 3/28 o 1914 Willis r 1932 r/38 removed when building became West Register House.r 1967-1969 Starmer Shaw no recorded activity during the willis/lewis period There are several acknowledged Willis and Lewis organs in Scotland (as noted in Alan Buchan and David Stewart excellent newly published Organs in Scotland - a revised list) but not this Willis Perhaps someone may enlighten me? philipmgwright
  4. philipmgwright

    List of beautiful English Organs

    Thanks David for including St Judes Thorton Heath’s final console and west end case...all I had seen previously were the photos in Rotunda Vol 3 no 3 showing organ under construction at west end and console at opening without infinite speed and gradation dials which must have been added later. Reading Willis III ‘s article and specification shows what an amount of planning went into this fully enclosed organ and its control from the console . philipmgwright
  5. philipmgwright

    Henry Willis 4

    I believe Willis 4 shared some reminiscences with John-Paul Buzard in The Diapason over two months in 1997 Has anyone on this forum read these? philipmgwright
  6. philipmgwright

    Henry Willis 4

    I agree - Colin is quite right in a need for a re-assessment of Willis’ 4 work. Further as I have mentioned on this forum before,perhaps it is time to include Willis III in this revisit while the living can counter some of the colourful anecdotal activity by introducing a more balanced understanding of both Willis’ work. philipmgwright
  7. philipmgwright

    Hull Minster Organ Appeal

    Aberdeen East St Nicholas 1936 Compton with luminous stopheads - console removed to Organbuilders workshop for safe keeping I believe during archaeological investigations which removed church floor Organ remains in West Gallery and as totally enclosed presumably safe for immediate future philipmgwright
  8. philipmgwright

    Brindley & Foster Book

    Thanks for your further confirmation. I have now succeeded in contacting Robert and confirmed my order. Hopefull many others will do likewise. philipmgwright
  9. philipmgwright

    Brindley & Foster Book

    Sorry undeliverable again just now! lookingforward to new contact details thanks philipmgwright
  10. philipmgwright

    Brindley & Foster Book

    As one of the original supporters of Brindley,I emailed address and phoned the last number just now.. but to no avail...may I suggest new contact details be issued which can respond ..this will encourage many to subscribe. a worthwhile venture plagued by a horrendous birth! philipmgwright
  11. philipmgwright

    The Lewis At Teddington

    Was it not shipped to Japan but is still awaiting renaissance? philipmgwright
  12. philipmgwright

    Canterbury Cathedral & Manchester Cathedral, New organs

    When Bill Minay had St Cuthbert's Edinburgh rebuilt by Walkers in the 50's , he set French Horn on Swell 1 - he never tired of using it he said
  13. philipmgwright

    Aubertin comes to Sussex

    Any reason why the NPOR stoplist does not exactly tally with the Aubertin labelling?
  14. philipmgwright

    Most bizarre specifications?

    Hautbois d'Amour Paisley Abbey Swell HN&B 1928 from original CC but under different name Renamed by JWW in Ralph Downes 1968 philipmgwright
  15. philipmgwright

    HW III

    I am disappointed my plea for some first hand memories of HW III has up to now , not been fulfilled. I had been hoping perhaps the last pupil-apprentice of HW ,or an organ builder involved with the 1959 Liverpool Cathedral works or colleagues of Noel Rawshorne might be prevailed upon to add a human dimension to this " great character" David Drinkell highlighted something I had not noticed...the big proportion of HW's work was rebuilding rather than new. Plumley in his book on St Pauls also detected a weariness in HW at having to repeat his work several times during the Dome works etc1925/1930/1960 Like David , I too visited the Willis works in Marlborough Grove in 1963 and was welcomed by Peter Hamblen who found the time to show a university student around the factory with its pipe making,voicing shops and most memorably the console shop with the Truro 4 manual console amongst several being completed. I left with several brochures and typed specification sheets and an invitation to visit Ian Frost in the Edinburgh branch when I got back to Scotland. But I did not meet HW The sources mentioned by David Drinkell - Rotunda,The Organ,and Callaghan's book are excellent and worth reading...perhaps I am just a little too late in asking for first hand recollections of HW III