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  1. Alfred Hollins often specified a Choir to Swell coupler - an example being at St George’s West Edinburgh his own organ -1930 Rushworth & Dreaper - a second at St Matthew’s Morningside. Another Hollins’ request at these instruments was for two reversible toe pistons for Choir and Swell tremulants.
  2. Many thanks to BAM for obtaining and sharing these VSCC articles about Sam Clutton. All paint a memorable picture of this colourful multifaceted personality who was so much more than a fellow researcher to Dixon and Niland in our organ world. Following Bruce Buchanan’s most informative essay on HW III in BIOS Journal,is it not time for study of other personalities and landmark projects which held sway in mid 20th century?
  3. Henry Willis III dissertation Vol 44 BIOS Journal Very many thanks to Bruce Buchanan for penning this most welcome addition to a greater understanding of HW III Written by his last pupil apprentice, it exhibits thorough research from a wide range of sources both literary and human. A pleasure to read, it is informative and grammatically correct whilst steering a path through a titan’s progress all the time ensuring measured accuracy. Coupled with a mention by David Wells in NR obituary of the young 30 year old Rawsthorne summoning the seventy year old Willis to appreciate his new Positive pipework tuning difficulties reminds of the anecdote often told by NR - when the Dean and Chapter of St Paul’s Cathedral were interviewing organbuilder firms in advance of the 1960 works, they asked , when Henry Willis IIII turned up alone, who his advisers were , he allegedly replied .. “Dean... none but God”
  4. What a delightful article by John Birch..eloquent,humorous and highly informative. Thanks Martin for sharing it with the forum
  5. Please at this late stage in this thread is anyone able to share the specification of these two -seemingly identical Willis Junior Development Plan organs - both spiral pipe layout? NPOR is unsually reticent in describing it as presumably a two manual and pedal from the closed console photograph. Willis removed the 1887 the 3/25 Father Willis (ex Gartshore House) when the Lutyens design of St Martin’s was extended westwards in 1964 and then replaced it with this pair of visually interesting organs located on either side of the chancel.
  6. I am glad the “White Knight” has arrived from Kent. Many thanks to Stephen Bayley stepping up...you can hear the pleasure in JPM’s posting announcing the news Lets hope the Discussion Board founded by JPM maintains its authoritive stance and is supported by members both longstanding and new comers. Onwards and upwards!
  7. I am with S_L on this one..a little too much rush to create a substitute that does not in my opinion quite reflect the unique position the Mander Forum has/had . Since there was no appetite from other organ builders to take it over, its time is over. Just like Rotunda the Mander Forum was a snapshot in time. Good wishes to all Stay safe in these troublesome times
  8. Malvern certainly does ..having contributed to the forum.
  9. Am I alone in being surprised that there is no white knight riding from Durham or Malvern to come to the aid of the forum? ..if the stated costs are believable
  10. A M Henderson was Organist and Choirmaster to Glasgow University 1906 - 1954 , Lecturer of the History and Practice of Church Music He was an active recitalist both in Britain ,France and Germany - he edited a large quantity of piano,organ and choral music His publication “Musical Memories” 1938 highlights the many virtuosos he encountered during his career
  11. Just to add Compton ,when rebuilding the organ ,installed one of their luminous stop consoles, which was mobile and located on the stage usually with the player sitting with his back to the instrument. Memory has the console being very compact with rounded ends. Fernando Germani opened it April 1951 as guest of Norman Strafford - Organist, Holy Trinity,Hull
  12. This brochure c1905 currently on ebay shows photographs of 1870 Willis ,its 1903 replacement after the fire and the N&B 1905 A 1905 console shot shows the unusual mini Drawstops for the Echo organ. Although pricey , it may be of interest to forum readers
  13. Tony The book is called Wilkinson & Sons Organ Builders Kendal Published in 2016 Author Alan Mason. 01539 739822 info from Westmorland Gazette
  14. Rowland Wateridge’s mention of the Organista door reminded me when as a schoolboy I met Dr Dykes Bower as he was exiting that door...a polite but timid request to view the console was granted immediately with full close up inspection granted. Memories of those elaborate bronze jamb panels on five manuals still remain today- in those times Valentines did a console postcard - now a treasured memento of meeting a gracious generous musician who found time to share with a young organ enthusiast from Aberdeen.
  15. As detailed in Alan Buchan’s excellent book Organs in Scotland Stonehaven Mackie Academy Ingram 3 manual ex3 from house of Dr Mackie ( original school) to later school and to here by John Fraser Rector, rebuilt by technical dept with help of David Loosley Organ Builder 3/18 ex3
  16. Quite a few Willis JDP organs came to Scotland largely through the excellent Scottish Manager Ian Frost based in Edinburgh Pleasance Works. I believe the tilting tablets were standard Willis economy console but the illumination was a rear number plate lamp from a Morris Minor or similar!
  17. This arpeggiate downwards was a feature adopted by Herrick Bunney ,Master of the Music St Giles Cathedral Edinburgh to compensate for the lack of St Giles’ resonance
  18. Accurate but a trifle harsh.. the Organ House was designed by Pugin the younger. in Allbutt’s words “ it was a pleasant building in chalet style,large enough to seat some eight hundred people...built of mainly wooden framing,protected by slates and panelled within with fine white woods its acoustic properties proved to be sympathetic with the music”
  19. Edward Violette ,regarded as the finest pipemaker in London , died in 1867 at tragically early age of 45 He operated from Camden I understand He knew Henry Willis and was a contemporary age wise This snippets I have gleaned from the British Newspaper Archive His business was bought by Brindley and moved to Sheffield No doubt the long awaited book on Brindley by Bryan Hughes will expand on this. I understand it is being sent out to subscribers this month.
  20. A well travelled Kingsgate Davidson https://www.npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=P00538 built for London Residence 1960s moved to St Leonard’s In the Field Perth moved to Simon Langton School Canterbury moved to Petts Wood
  21. Ralph Downes Baroque Tricks refers warmly to Reginald W Davidson “ my ever faithful friend” in connection with Oratory p58-64 assisting RD “to attain his tonal ideals”. Kingsgate Davidson took over the maintenance of the Oratory organ from 1944
  22. “bravado of the bumptious upstart” ..what a delightful phrase which paints such a vivid picture! I am led to believe the author is the last pupil apprentice of HW III May I persuade him to share first hand some personal experiences of HW III before the sands of time obliterate the fine detail and we rely on anecdote alone?
  23. Looking at the year 1961/62 and it saying Compton , Liverpool,is it not more likely to be an item from Rushworth & Dreaper that arrived in this Chapel in America rather than a Compton export?
  24. The Organ October 1947 Boosey & Hawkes ad The Hammond Organ - a typical setting for the War Memorial that LIVES ” the control of volume is as effective as its softest as in the majesty of its heavier tonal possibilities when used to fill a larger building such as Canterbury Cathedral - as indeed it does”
  25. At a glance through the British Newspaper Archive a small model Positive Organ would include - 44 note compass 1 Open Diapason tenorF grooved to 3 spotted metal 8 2 Salicional tenor F grooved to 3 spotted metal 8 3 Gedeckt Bass and Gedeckt Treble. wood. 8 4 Dulcet Bass and Dulcet Treble. spotted metal 4 5 Double Bass. Patent wood. 16 6 Melodic Diapason Transposer Combination lever throwing on and off loud stops Spotted metal front in pyramid form casework -prepared for These instruments launched in 1896 were advertised extensively in local press by selling dealers with over 400 being sold within a few years Catalogues , designs and new models are regular features in these ads.
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