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St. Elizabeth, Wroclaw (PL) :: Update


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Greetings all,

Some members here may recall my posts from 2009 and 2018 about the efforts to build a historical replica of the organ of St. Elizabeth, Wroclaw (Poland) that was built by Michael Engler (1752-1761), was worked on by other builders (1848, 1867, 1879, 1907 & 1939) and escaped destruction during WW2 (1939-1945) only to be lost in a fire that gutted the church on 09-Jun-1976. A photo of 10th June 1976 shows how complete the destruction of the organ was: https://polska-org.pl/9069037,foto.html?idEntity=546812

It is good to be able to report that the work on the organ is now well underway. The organ is being made by a three-way consortium:

- Orgues Thomas (Stevelot, BE): Windchests
- Organowe Zych (Wolomin, PL): case and supporting structure.
- Orgelbau Klais (Bonn, DE): Action, console, wind system, pipework and intonation (voicing?)

The website of Zych is live but makes no mention of the project; the website of Thomas mentions it but with no links to any information. On the other hand the website of Klais gives a history of the organs of St. Elizabeth and suggests that the Engler-origin organs of Grüssau and Olomuc are serving as models (presumably for things like pipework metal alloys) for the Wroclaw organ.

The page on the Klais website can be found at https://klais.de/m.php?sid=551 and contains historical pictures of the Wroclaw organ as well as pictures of the 1724 Engler of St. Nicholas, Brieg (Brzeg), Poland which was sadly lost in 1945. You can also on that link find impressions of how the organ in Wroclaw is planned to look when finished. It seems that the comparison with the organ of 1752 will be very good indeed.

I am sure I read very recently (although I forget where) that inauguration is planned for sometime in Autumn 2021: what a pity I am unlikely to be there. I hope videos will appear online in due course: I think it will be splendid.

Hope this is of interest.

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