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  1. Yes, you spelled Amsterdam Concertgebouw correctly 🙂 This organ you're not familiar with (played by Reitze Smits) is the Bätz organ of the Evangelisch Lutherse kerk in The Hague, a very fine instrument built in 1762. The young Mozart is said to have visited the organ in 1765. Details: http://www.hetbatzorgel.nl/het-orgel/orgel-dispositie/ But on topic, talking about YouTube and the magnificent organ of Martinikerk Groningen: I can encourage to visit this concert by 4 organists (Leo van Doeselaar, Erwin Wiersinga, Stef Tuinstra and Sietze de Vries)
  2. Paul Dewhurst (Organist and Choir Master @ Leeds Minster) to Bridlington Priory per January 2020.
  3. At this very moment there's a recording session going of the choral music by Alice Mary Smith, written in the early 1860s for St Andrews, Wells Street, London - now being recorded with accompaniment of a real Mustel, provided by the Flukes 😊
  4. some kind of justadad and justason connection, yes
  5. Saturday, February 25, Keble College Oxford at 8 pm: The new Tickell organ http://www.tickell-organs.co.uk/KebleCollegeOxford.htm Four centuries of Dutch organ music Toccata – Marius Monnikendam (1896-1977) Echo Fantasia – Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562-1621) Psalm 24 (3 verses) – Anthonie van Noordt (? – 1675) Fantasie-Sonate nr. 2 – Samuel de Lange Sr. (1811-1884) (Maestoso – Andante – Allegro con fuoco) Transcription über die Arie „Agnus Dei“ aus der h moll-Messe von J.S. Bach, op. 16 nr. 3 – Johannes Barend Litzau (1822-1893) Premier Choral – Hendrik Andriessen (1892-1981) Aeolsharfe, op. 54/6 – Gerard Bunk (1888-1958) Nos récits rythmeront nos louanges – Dick Sanderman (*1956) ------ Afterwards, I will have a short break in London from Monday 27 to Wednesday, February 29. Does anyone have suggestions for accessing organs in London? I have been able to make an appointment at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, but my schedule has room for more organs. Dick
  6. Tonight in Oxford: Keble College Music Society presents the internationally acclaimed improviser, composer, conductor, and organist Alexander Mason improvising to Lon Chaney's silent movie masterpiece "The Phantom of the Opera" (1925). Come and enjoy this classic black and white horror movie in the Neo-Gothic setting of the splendid Keble College Chapel accompanied by the newly installed Keble pipe organ in its full glory. Tickets (on the door): Free for Keble students £5 for other students / concessions £10 for general public
  7. Sure we do Here are some video and audio examples of the restored organ: http://www.refdag.nl/muziek/muzieknieuws/g...n_klok_1_594241
  8. http://www.pcorgan.com/Downloads2.html Here's a recording by yours truly (search for Kuhnau)
  9. A very good teacher in improvisation is Alexander Mason, organist and master of the choristers at St Davids Cathedral. http://www.stdavidscathedral.org.uk/index.php?id=697
  10. That's exactly right. Most Dutch organs were built solely to accompany the congregational singing, not for playing organ literature. To accompany the hymn singing, the Cornet of the Rugpositief was a vital stop. This stop is able to lead the singing congregation. The accompaniment was played on the Great. Great was coupled to the Rugpositief, so the sound of the Rugpositief (with that loud Cornet in it) was enforced with the Great pleno. Cheers, Dick
  11. Anonter version here: http://www.pcorgan.com/SampleSets1730Waltershausen.html
  12. I totally agree. As my son was the college organ scholar at Cheltenham College during last year, I heard and played the instrument several times. Exactly as Cynic says, the organ is not very special but it works perfectly for the college services. There is no two-manual tracker elsewhere in the school anymore. And yes, it's still a friendly place! I really enjoyed my visits to Cheltenham College Chapel!
  13. Cheltenham College Chapel Sat 25/9/2010 19:30 - 20:30 Organ Recital by Leonard Sanderman: Bach, Franck, Andriessen, Kint
  14. it's not listed on their website... http://www.organistpublications.co.uk/
  15. Not really. Here in Holland Willem is known as a specialist in modern organ repertoire, from Messiaen to the most recent compositions. Can't remember I ever heard him playing any Bach.
  16. Here's another arrangement of this hymn, by yours truly: !with a link to the publisher of the sheet music: http://www.cantique.nl/onze-uitgaven/orgel...rie-aan-god.php Dick
  17. http://www.robinbt2.plus.com/annepage/main.htm
  18. Oh well, that's too much honour. I can show you lots of rubbish here... Dick
  19. This week's tour is not cancelled, but starts with a small group of only 11 people. I'll play the organs in Noordbroek and Uithuizen for them on Wednesday. Dick
  20. I'll be in London Feb. 22-25. Anything I really should do there? Any help will be most welcome!
  21. Correct: 1882-1925. Dick
  22. For "I heard the voice of Jesus say": one of these tunes? http://www.hymntime.com/tch/htm/i/h/iheardtv.htm And for the Sunbeam: http://www.biblestudycharts.com/CH_Jesus_W..._A_Sunbeam.html Hope this helps, Dick
  23. As far as I know, it's out of print indeed. Making a scan isn't illegal than, is it? I can do that if you wish. Dick
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