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  1. I completely agree. For the first fifteen bars, I thought we were going to hear something really special and exciting, then it just lost me completely.
  2. Oh Dear! It's bit like having a reality programme to make over your home. Some nice rich colours, but it is no longer the place you recognise or want to live in. Sorry, I hate it.
  3. I don't claim to be a wise person, but I think the confusion lies in whether it is a freely given donation or a premeditated re-cycling of the fee in order to gain a tax benefit. In my own Church, the accompanists give their services voluntarily. I could, each Sunday, hand over £100 from Church funds and on Monday, that could be returned as a donation generating £20 gift aid. If there was never any intention for the accompanist to accept payment, but the money was handed over just so it could be returned in order to generate a profit, I would describe that as fraudulent (and immoral). By comparison, if a visiting organist were to play for a funeral and it was normal to pay a fee, I see no problem in that fee being taken and then given back as a donation.
  4. There is clearly a difference between a single instance and a deliberate regular practice.
  5. It has been interesting to read the comments after my (deliberately) provocative post. The point I was trying to highlight is the totally unsatisfactory nature of rewarding people by a combination of salary and fees (or expenses). That the Director of Music of a Cathedral - which, to me, is a senior management post - should rely on extra payments to make up a decent salary is quite ridiculous. To be paid a fee for merely "turning up", smacks of the UK House of Lords. Such a senior post should carry a commitment to perform all duties that are necessary without additional overtime or fees, with the possible exception of claims for genuine out of pocket expenses supported by receipts. The salary should be at an appropriate level to recognise this position. It is time to ask the question - why are some people wanting to use CDs or other forms of music at their ceremonies? The answer might be uncomfortable, but if our rich musical tradition is to continue, it probably shouldn't appear to be based on the principles of a budget airline.
  6. I think you have a wise Treasurer, David. To deliberately launder a fee in this way is tax fraud.
  7. So, do I understand you are prepared to take a fee, having done nothing to earn it?
  8. Reading this, I suddenly thought, "I wonder what has happened to Pierre Lauwers?" One of the most regular contributors in the past, we have not heard from him for ages. I hope everything is OK? Mind you, we hadn't heard much from pcnd5584 lately. Last night's exchanges brought back some much missed spirit to the forum, which I greatly welcome after some difficult incidents in recent times. MM has certainly found a good way to get people talking.
  9. I just knew that if I mentioned that I hadn't heard about copper organ pipes, there would soon be a comprehensive list of organs that have them! Thanks chaps Are there any particular characteristics in the way they sound?
  10. On this forum, one thing tends to lead to another... In MM's humorous piece, there was one line that caught my attention "... copper is never used in organ building". Last year, I bought a copper mute for one of my relatives who is a trumpet player. I was immediately struck by the difference in timbre from other mutes, much warmer than other types. I cannot think of any examples of copper organ pipes or resonators, but I have never stopped to question why that is. Can anybody explain?
  11. It's a very fine performance indeed. I doubt even Lewis Hamilton could have done better in the Presto! I tend to agree with MM on Sumsion's tempo; presto comodo says "a comfortable pace" to me, and I think that is exactly what it is.
  12. The technology is certainly there, but comes at a cost. It requires extra bandwidth to provide the additional service, which would need to come from somewhere. I would have been unhappy if the outstanding quality of the primary transmission had been compromised to provide a facility that relatively few out of millions of viewers would use.
  13. Possibly Compton? Having grown up with the system, I appreciate the benefits - and have suffered the pitfalls, when pressing just too hard in a moment of panic. Double touch cancelling on stop keys is similarly useful but dangerous - when adding the Mixture and ending up with that alone. You only do it once!
  14. Hooray! Someone with something positive to say. I think, given the pressure of the occasion, Messrs O'Donnell and Quinney are to be congratulated on an excellent job and were well supported by all their musicians. As to Blaenwern, please remember that perhaps 1000 of those present are not accomplished singers. Few of us have any experience of that size of congregation. I think it was a wise decision in the circumstances.
  15. QUOTE(cjr@colinrichell.fsnet.co.uk @ Apr 29 2011, 11:19 AM) I cannot believe that the ROYAL Academy of Music is considering purchasing a new organ from abroad. Are you telling me that there is not one English organ builder who could not have provided a suitable instrument for the Academy ? I think it is disgraceful that we cannot support our own manufacturing industry, and I hope that at least the English companies were asked to quote for the new instrument. The same thing has happened with the car industry which is now controlled from abroad. Is anyone else indignant about the RAM policy of not supporting the UK companies ? Colin Richell. And, apologising for repetition, I have explained that you cannot choose to support a supplier merely because they happen to come from your own country - especially if you are spending someone else's money! My experience of the successful contractor is that they are perfectly competent to provide an excellent instrument. While I agree with Nigel Allcoat and "innate" that the computer mock-up of the design does not look particularly attractive, I think we should remember that it is a mock up, not a finished product. I am not sure either that an ornate case is any more appropriate for the hall - and it certainly has no bearing on the music it makes.
  16. So the Rutter left you disappointed? Well that's just tough! It wasn't for you, it was for the Royal couple and the millions of other people who watched the service. To me, being perfectly listenable is a worthy achievement. The "Rutter Haters", as you describe them, ought to be in retreat - what have they ever done, apart from moan?
  17. As a Charity, I dare say the RAM have no option but to open the project for public tender. Having done so, the trustees have no option but to appoint the supplier who offers a product that meets the specification at a competitive price. I am sure any organ builder who was unsuccessful could request feedback to enable them to uderstand where they fell short and be more competitive in the future. There is no point in being indignant, the UK is no longer an island nation and it is necessary to compete on quality, price and delivery to win a contract. I was once pilloried by staff when I accepted a French tender, rather than the Japanese product they all preferred. I too thought the Japanese product was better, but when it came down to the responsible use of public money, there was no room for sentiment. There may well be people at the RAM who would like to support a UK company, but not at any price.
  18. Thinking of organ enthusiasts and cars, I suppose Pierre would be an advocate of the early Hillman "Imp", which if my memory serves me right, had a pneumatic throttle linkage.
  19. Especially as the majority of people, apart from a few experts here, are unlikely to notice one iota of difference - except that it works when required! JC
  20. Do you have any idea why Ralph Downes would want to make that decision? I wouldn't have thought the difference in space or cost would be very significant in terms of the overall project. JC
  21. john carter


    Highly unlikely, I would have thought. I agree with pcnd's original verdict. For me the sound lacks any of the richness and colour that the music surely requires. A sort of "size zero" Elgar. JC
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