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  1. Bit late for this year, but I play these by Chris Maxim (though never on St Davids Day, strangely enough). https://www.scoreexchange.com/scores/177198.html
  2. Does anyone know what the latest on this is? It came up in discussion the other day with someone who has a building that would support an organ this size and it would be heard on a daily basis. They are potentially looking for a replacement for an ageing and small instrument.
  3. Ah, the relief! Welcome to the board and thanks for the contribution.
  4. By the same composer, opposite problem. I have a recording of 'Dance to your Daddy', but can't find the sheet music anywhere. Ideas/suggestions/solutions gratefully received (particularly by those forum members I know frequent Scandinavian organ music websites!) (Did you have any luck, Jonathan?)
  5. Ah, many thanks! That will keep the other 'good wife' happy as well!
  6. I've just been watching The Good Wife (American legal drama series) Series I/17 (Heart). There's a very nice looking modern case and pipes on view in the church where the main character is seeking forgiveness. I thought the series was set in Chicago (and it may be), but the usual internet sources say it was all filmed in New York. Any ideas?
  7. Similar geographical topic, but has anyone here any experience of playing the organ in Dover College recently? I've read the NPOR details, but firsthand experience is usually more preferable.
  8. Just been sent details of the Second Cirencester Organ Festival Programme Daily lunchtime recitals (June 2011) by internationally renowned organists: Gillian Weir Roger Fisher Anthony Hammond Daniel Cook Keith Hearnshaw Nigel Ogden and Christopher Kent Difficult to know which one of those to miss.
  9. We use Resp psalms at school on Sundays, (we attempt to chant a canticle during the week, with varying degrees of success!). I started with the NEH ones, and have progressed onto the Mayhew/Mawby volume. There are some good and singable ones, but like the previous post, it is a bit patchy, so I'm grateful to the other suggestions too. There are several ones in the NEH supplement as well, so it has some use other than Coe Fen, Corvedale, Guiting Power, Sagina and East Acklam.
  10. Ah, the Hollins C major, it is certainly Hollins' best work; greatest British work? Mmm, have to think about that one. I know a while back we mentioned a couple of smaller works by Kenneth Leighton, but the two big ones that I think do rank up with the best of British are the 'Prelude, Scherzo and Passacaglia', and in my opinion, the best of the lot, the Missa de Gloria, a real organ tour de force. I'd be interested in what MM thinks are 'great' works from America.
  11. Thought I would resurrect this topic to see if we had any further ideas, or perhaps even changes in ideas? And it sort of ties in with my request for FJ sonatas. I saw the Toccata Chorale and Fugue mentioned in fairly reverential tones, so I may explore that. However, I did go out and buy the Alcock and Statham, and they are both very fine pieces, helped by that complete Alcock recording from Salisbury on Priory. The Statham goes just that bit further in terms of harmony. The Bairstow continues to go up in my estimation, not enough to knock off the Elgar (great performance of the last move
  12. Anyone for Dieu Parmi Nous with a difference? I don't know whether to be more impressed with the instrument, or the fact that he's playing from memory!
  13. Surely not the composer whose 'memory' of a melody bears more than a passing resemblance to Torvill and Dean's greatest hit with the snare drum ostinato, and whose venture in to Marian writing seems to have occured during a dream about the slow movement to Mendelssohn's violin concerto?
  14. We did the Southwark Monday lunch one last year. If you've not been before, sit as close to the front as you can, organ sounds best there!
  15. I hope to report some luck on these as I have put various feelers out with some positive responses so far. Thanks msw for your report on the difficulty level of the RD.
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