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  1. Introit: Locus iste – Bruckner Responses: Smith Psalm: 45 – Ferguson Canticles: Noble in B minor Anthem: A Litany – Walton Voluntary: Placare Christe servulis – Dupre All subject to change depending on what mood I’m in.
  2. Hello all. I was in Guildford for evensong recently, the positive was all but removed and other stops/functions weren’t working. Does anybody know what’s happening there?
  3. That narrows it down. Any more clues?
  4. It does exist, I'm not sure why, but it does exist. Let your musical ability do the talking, I say.
  5. Help Please. I’ve recently moved from Scotland to Ashford, Middlesex (Surrey really). I’m looking for a church choir to join (in the area) that sings BCP evensong weekly. There’s one slight problem though. Due to the shift work I do, regular attendance (services and practice) isn’t possible. Any thoughts gratefully received. Thanks.
  6. I agree. The "Best seat in the house" should be just that, a seat. If a member of the general public can't sit/stand there, then they shouldn't record there. All IMHO.
  7. Not quite one to a part, but there are still six man choirs out there.
  8. How about “Joseph’s Carol” by Giles Swayne?
  9. I think every Carol service/Nine Lessons and Carols that I’ve ever done has opened with “Once in Royal”. Most Midnight Mass services I’ve been to start at 23:30, with “O come, all ye Faithful” as soon as possible after midnight, this usually includes the last verse “Yea, Lord we greet thee”.
  10. Good news. I hope she enjoys her time there.
  11. Possibly a little late, but I’m with Sean on this one. I think The Organ of Romsey Abbey Played By David Coram
  12. In your opinion only. I find 99.9% of all your posts incredibly entertaining.
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