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  1. I am very sad indeed to hear this. As others have pointed, out under Noel Mander they did some splendid post-war restorations under very difficult conditions. Indeed, they have built many very fine organs in the last 20-30 years both here and abroad. Like other contributors i feel very sorry for their workforce, some of whom I know well. Martin
  2. I wonder why I find the excesses of Broadwalk, such as the 64ft Diaphone, so unmusical. To me they sound like pneumatic drills digging up roads. Yes, I accept a great feat of engineering but perhaps not of organ building. Martin
  3. Organist on the Hill I couldn't agree more with you about painted pipes, whether cased or uncased. The organ you quote was formerly in Llandaff Cathedral. Have you seen the new, current on? Stunningly good looking and sounds magnificent. I had drinks and dinner at The Royal Academy of Music last night with someone I suspect was a colleague of yours at Harrow. I think you won The Organ Club competition last December. If so, well done. Martin
  4. Like OrganistOnTheHill I find the above advise very useful and wish I had heard such many years ago. However, I suspect many of us would love to know which school is so lucky to have BOTH a Willis and Lewis. My former school is now very fortunate in having a Hill, Norman Beard of 1968 and a re-sited Schulz of 1862. The former in the Chapel, that latter in The Big School. I left shortly after the chapel was destroyed by fire (NOT the reason for leaving as I had finished my A levels!) so both organs are after my time. OrganistOnTheHill do please let us know which school it is.
  5. Good news indeed. Brindley was a very good organ builder though sadly little of his work remains in original condition. It will be good to learn more about him and his instruments and I will order a copy. Thank you, David, for notifying us and thank you too for showing members of The Organ Club over your factory last week. We greatly enjoyed it and it was good to meet you. Martin Owen
  6. James O'Donnell with the YMSO orchestra in Symphony for Orchestra and Organ by Francois-Joseph Fetis. Also Overture Prince Igor Borodin and Brahms Symphony No 2. 7.30. Wednesday, 21st September at St John'd Smith Square, London SW1.
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