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  1. Well yes, but you can also draw a different inference from the absence of a full time chapter: that Llandaff is an establishment that is in other respects more similar to a major Parish Church than to a Cathedral. Plenty of those have found the funds to undertake £1M+ organ rebuilds, but rather fewer maintain a professional back row singing daily offices, notwithstanding which they maintain a high standard of music. Perpetual fund raising to cover revenue expenditure is far harder to do than that for which the objective is a single, identifiable tangible thing, particularly one to which you ca
  2. Fiona Bruce's program about Buckingham Palace http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b014s302/The_Queens_Palaces_Buckingham_Palace/ features (47'20") the Ballroom organ, an interview with Andrew Gant and footage of him playing it a duet - the two of them singing How Lovely Are the Messengers (Lots of pictures of Fiona Bruce )
  3. Thanks for that info - my only experience of 3 phase electrics has been in theatres, with (eg) 100kW on each phase, separation between (eg) FOH, Stage and Grid and lots of attention to keeping lanterns fed from the different phases more than 2m apart, so I've always associated it with very large power requirements and the need for physical separation.
  4. Is it normal for a pipe organ action to be driven off a 3 phase supply? I'd have been surprised to find a church which had 3 phases even coming in to the building. Is it to give better smoothing than is possible with 1 phase?
  5. @Organist12345 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbGjBt3X4qk...feature=related It's the youtube comments I liked. Apparently it was tuned in "so-called unequal temperature" An alternative theory suggests that "maybe she didn't tune the organ very good. There is usually a dial on the side". It really is a truly amazing sound.
  6. I've lost count of the number of times I've been to a recital only to find the programme covered in tippex and a photocopied insert added.
  7. Excuse my ignorance but I can't help hoping that at least some of the publicity is a bit more forthcoming about time, date and venue
  8. I don't know what's worse - the fact that you can look up forty year old copies of The Organ at the drop of a hat, or that I was apparently reading it 3 years before I was born... As a matter of interest, is it your impression that the technique was successful - does the instrument work better with the hall full?
  9. Did I once read somewhere that Birmingham Uni was voiced with a sack of newspaper on every chair in the hall, for this very reason?
  10. That's rather the point though, isn't it? Presumably the theatre stuff had a cost to it, which was - presumably - met from donated funds? Even if there is a plan to get people into the church by showing them silent movies with theatre organ accompaniment, I'm not sure how cost effective a way of saving souls that would be... But if it was simply that the titulaire happened to be a theatre organ buff, well, is that a good use of church funds? Accepting the massive ignorance from which I write these vague generalisations - I'm hugely intruigued by the whole thing and am still curious to know
  11. But to come back to at least part of the topic: why did they put a Theatre Organ in it?
  12. Why? In a church? Less than 10 miles from the theatre organ it's copying?
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