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  1. Paul Brough to Keble, Oxford.
  2. Interesting juxtaposition of job adverts in Oxford. St Peter's College - a 0.4 position for two services a week, £19k. Worcester College - a 0.4 position for four services a week, £14k.
  3. https://www.peterborough-cathedral.org.uk/home/people/jobs.aspx Is David Humphreys leaving?
  4. Martin Baker has resigned (as of last month it seems) from Westminster Cathedral.
  5. I understand Stephen Darlington will be looking after the choirs at Worcester College Oxford for two terms, while a more permanent successor to Thomas Allery is sought. As Edward Higginbottom does the same at St Peter's College, and as Matthew Martin prepares to leave Keble College at Easter, it seems a lot of change is afoot below the dreaming spires!
  6. I see Thomas Allery is moving on from Worcester College Oxford: https://twitter.com/WorcCollChoirs/status/1201215485297221640 But no mention of where he is going, or an advertised vacancy... On the subject of Oxford colleges, I hear Matthew Martin's soon (April) to be vacant position at Keble will be advertised after Christmas.
  7. Looks like Tim Byram-Wigfield is moving on from All Saints Margaret Street. Anyone know where he's going?
  8. Ah, is half a term standard practice? It's a full term in my line of work!
  9. I wonder what's going on in Warwick. Mr Corns' appointment to Sheffield was announced in February, with effect from June, but no signs of advertisement as yet. A long interregnum seems inevitable!
  10. Interesting. A step up, or sideways? I understand the choirs at Warwick are very highly regarded.
  11. I would be interested to hear where people think RCO tests sit when compared with other qualifications. For instance, are FRCO Keyboard Skills and written harmony work, etc., essentially equivalent to, say, what a Cambridge music student would do in Year 2 or harder/easier/different? To what extent, do you think, one prepares one for the other? And what about teaching them? I know keyboard skills and harmony, etc., is often taught by the Organist/DoM in Oxbridge colleges - how does this compare to teaching A/FRCO candidates, I wonder. Any and all thoughts would be most interesting to read.
  12. Robin Walker (ADoM, St George's Hanover Square) to Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.
  13. Richard Pinel (ADoM, St George's Windsor) to become DoM at Jesus College Cambridge.
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