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  1. I haven't seen Roger Fisher's yet, but I was very grateful to be able to observe online, and passively participate in, the funeral of Catherine Ennis (who died six months ago today) and thought it was a beautiful and moving occasion. It was, of course, done in a highly professional manner.
  2. 'Presumably the distinction isn’t between singing at sporting events (allowed) and between congregational singing (forbidden), but between outdoors and indoors.' Exactly.
  3. If I remember correctly, the melody of 'so mote it be' (in this case, in F major) would be: F (down to) D, (up to) E, (up to) F.
  4. The first Chief Engineer of the RAC was an organist in Southport for many years Would you know his name and at which church he played?
  5. I find the JSB B minor quite ominous, maybe even menacing. That might translate into the progression from the triumphant entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to the distressing aspects of denial, betrayal and death manifesting themselves later that week.
  6. Whitlock: Duetto (7 Sketches on verses from the Psalms) and Toccata (Plymouth Suite).
  7. An excellent choice - you can almost smell the salt in the air!
  8. It will be the 75th anniversary of Percy Whitlock's death on May 1st - plenty of time to get those fingers and feet moving!
  9. I see that Salisbury Cathedral is looking for an Assistant Director of Music according to Organists Online. https://organistsonline.org/required/Organist-Salisbury-Cathedral-November-27-2020
  10. Quote: (And yes, I know that the plural of forum is meant to be 'fora' but that does seem very pedantic these days, and I think I saw in at least one university style guide recently that Latin plurals could/should be avoided). Thoroughly agree with Martin Cook's excellent comments above and join him in welcoming new blood into this excellent forum. I suppose the forum/fora thing is a bit of a moot point, but I have every intention of retaining the correct plural of syllabus, if only to avoid drenching the person to whom I am talking with the somewhat cumbersome 'syllabuses'!
  11. Parry - 2 sets of chorale preludes (a bit of a misnomer, as they are based on familiar hymn tunes); Whitlock - 6 Hymn Preludes; Leighton - 6 Fantasies on Hymn Tunes. And, if all else fails, try out a bit of improvisation with John Riley's excellent guidance! https://6b94b880-ccc9-4eb7-8829-698a57b1dd09.filesusr.com/ugd/46893a_0012398c277a45b0ac49e4fab43538e0.pdf
  12. I see that the sale has now ended, but someone must have got a bargain along with free professional help taking it apart and re-assembling it!
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