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    Thank you, David, Ah yes, Cecil was occasionally given to a mild expletive! He was a very interesting fellow and hugely knowledgeable on several subjects. One of these was old cars and in which sphere he was known as "Sam" Clutton; I have vivid memories of being his "mechanic" on a circuit of the Silverstone track in his fiendish 1908 Itala racing car. This must have been about 1963.
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    Greeting from a new boy! Years ago I was relatively active on the old (now sadly defunct) BBC organ sub-forum. Since then I have had little contact with the organ world but quite by accident, I stumbled across the Mander site and thought I might have a look in. I have been associated with the organ since the age of eight (more than 70 years ago!) when I persuaded my piano teacher to allow me to transfer to the organ. I started as a choir treble, subsequently joining a cathedral establishment and, after a break, rejoining as a lay clerk. Occasionally pretended to be assistant organist there but this was an Edwardian Hill which I didn't much care for and it was not good with my notions of the North German barok. Fooled around with RCO and latterly, AGO stuff but have never claimed to be terribly good. Last (brief) post was with the comfortable Harrison at St Mary's, Woolwich but that was a long time ago. Thoroughly enjoyed my Conn 752 - 2 man, 37 stop, full AGO etc. - at home but that had weird things inside, so I'm not allowed to mention that. Have neither the money nor space for a proper organ. However, I once was invited by Cecil Clutton to play his house organ and it was on that occasion that I met Noel Mander. That was a long time ago too. Perhaps a little strange that I should end up here? I hope to be able to make the occasional forum contribution but I'm really not awfully good with these things and thoroughly dislike the confrontations which so often seem to attend these things - especially if it involves those who insist that mechanical actions are "tracker actions". That makes me very confrontational! Regards, Cornet IV