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    Organ building, recording engineering, looking after St. Chad's Birmingham. Member and ringer for the St Martin's Guild of Church Bell Ringers for the Diocese of Birmingham Established 1755.
  1. "I should have thought that several good builders could construct a fair copy from new, for the higher of these two figures" -are we talking UK builders?
  2. Have you tried this? http://www.hyperion-records.co.uk/al.asp?al=CDA66843
  3. Hmm I agree with you in parts. I don't think there is a maximum charge for concerts, you only have to go on the Internet and look around at major pop and classical venues and you will find £15 is not as much. I do agree that there should be some concessions if it is to attract the student generation. In fact I think that should apply to other organisations in the organ world, not just organ concerts but also in organbuilding groups, but that’s a different matter. If I was still a student then I wouldn't attend it, because I wouldn't be able to afford if I hadn't saved. Oh but having said
  4. I played and tuned a bit of the Manchester Town Hall organ two years ago. The organ is in a sorry state and is not used or respected enough. When I played it, there were notes off here and there and it had not been tuned for a long time. The problem I see here is that the Hall is used so much for other things and the organ doesn’t get a look in, which I think it a shame, as we brits are so good at not recognising culture and history when it comes to organs and let a lone one of this nature. We certainly would not expect to find this happening on the continent however and maybe the organ wou
  5. Yes all is correct. I have a huge German Book about it - i'll dig it out.
  6. I remember playing in part of a composite recital a few or more years back on this instrument. I enjoyed playing it very much and I remember the piston setting to be of the ON NEUTRAL and OFF position, in a cupboard by the stage. I can't remember the overall sound of the instrument only that a friend of mine looks after the organ. I suppose it's a Harrison of it's time going by Mr. Balls observations. St Mary Red is a different organ. Still prefer Coventry Cathedral Organ though! p.s. Isn't the C-Hall going to go under major restoration at some point? p.p.s Birmingham Town Hall opens i
  7. Sorry I didn't mean to sound hurtful but I'm just a little concerned about certain people doing certain things. However I'd love an organ in the house. Probably an American organ builder would be best, or J.W.Walker & Sons. In the 80's JWW did a fantastic series on producing home type organ that were affordable. There is one at the Birmingham Conservatoire.
  8. What fun Mr. Derret is having building a Santa type organ. Lets hope he doesn't do it to another Nicholson and Lord like the one he added a 15th on a clamp to in Ketley near Telford. I tune the poor thing and it's suffering! I'm not amused!
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