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  1. I can think of at least one Cathedral organ with both a Choir and a Solo 'Corno di Bassetto', both of different character however. It seems like a useful idea to have the Bourdon available at 32ft pitch as a softer alternative to the 32ft Open Wood, especially further up the compass where an Open Wood would tend to be too big to use underneath Swell strings, for example. The Walker at Sacred Heart Wimbledon has this feature and it is very useful.
  2. It had been performed several times at St Matthew’s, Northampton by Stephen Moore, the previous DoM, and I believe he played it at Llandaff Cathedral last year.
  3. New DoM at St Matthew's Northampton: http://www.stmatthewsnorthampton.org.uk/
  4. "Electrically-powered height-adjustable manuals and stop jambs..." Interesting idea?
  5. I am reminded of a moment at a masterclass given in Wellington by Olivier Latry, when a young organist was rushing through the sequencer at quite a fast pace to a particular point in his piece, to which Olivier replied "You will never play at Notre-Dame!!" Never mind what it's doing to the electrics, but more importantly what is it going to do to soundboards (if they are sliders)...
  6. Here is what sounds like an arrangement of Flight of the Bumblebees for our favourite instrument: The Vuvuzela! I hear it will be on a new CD to come out shortly named 'Vuvuzela Mood'
  7. One year late, but certainly interesting: http://www.youtube.com/user/trinitywallstr.../40/beaj4d_JW8c Josh
  8. Have any others seen the videos of Yves Devernay performing at NdP. They are very interesting to watch, especially seeing his assistant running round the console since there was no combination action. JA
  9. I have been thinking about this project a lot more lately and have some comments and answers to MM's reply. The original spec of the Gt was Open 8, Hohl Flt 8, Dulc 8, Oct 4, Harmonic 4. You are correct in that the original 8' Hohl Flute has disappeared, but only pipes 1-46; the top 12 pipes to top A were stoppered and used to extend the 16' Bourdon which was originally on the Swell organ. The current 2 2/3' and 2' ranks were added in 1971, but in the rebuild before that the 2' rank was an extension unit from which a Twelfth and Fifteenth stops were provided except that the tuning w
  10. Yes, both this and the Maori Flute made of glass will be interesting to hear. As far as I know all of the pipes from the Maori Trumpet (Pukaea) all have individual carvings near the top of the resonator. Unfortunately its not "en chamade". JA
  11. Readers may be interested in this: AKL Town Hall JA
  12. Two quotes from Virgil Fox: About a Schlicker 16p reed "It sounded like a rattle snake pissing down an eve's trough." and about a E. M. Skinner Tuba Mirabilis "Its like forcing an elephant through a mattress." JA
  13. I played an organ last night which has a straight/concave pedalboard and I have to say that it was one of the most comfortable pedalboards I've played. The only problem with the console was that the Swell pedal was just slightly too far to the right and a full organ toe piston right next to it. Oh and better not forget the crescendo pedal... great times. JA
  14. Should've started on NPOR http://www.npor.org.uk/cgi-bin/Rsearch.cgi...ec_index=S00041. Interesting specification, but no 8p flute on swell. I guess you could've just used the 16p up an octave though. JA
  15. Some interesting photos. Any idea who the original builder was? Seems a bit of a shame that it is not maintained. JA
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