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Opinions Of Coventry Cathedral's Organ


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I have read this thread with great interest. I am giving a recital there next month. Any wise words of advice from those who have played it?


The crescendo pedal to for the Swell Organ can be a little jerky.


I like the Swell Mixture (22-26-29-33 at C1) but many do not - it is quite bright.


Every time I have played this instrument, low B on the Pedal Ophicleide has been out of tune.


The stops are arranged on the jambs in order that, for the most part, families of similar tone-colours are kept in vertical rows. Thus, the pitches do not run serially from bottom to top.


Try to avoid the dried coke stains on the lower reaches of the console (unless, of course, someone has removed them). Also, try to ignore the pervading smell of Jersey cow (the console is clothed tightly in black leather). Apparently the consultant for the console design was Cynthia Payne.... :lol:


Seriously - it is a wonderful organ. I cannot imagine that you will not enjoy it. The acoustic is also good - the building can be 'played' to good effect.


Do not fail to use, as a solo, the best stop on the organ: the Choir Harmonic Flute 8p. It is a very beautiful sound - quite the best which I have ever heard.

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Alas, I have never made the pilgrimage to Coventry to hear moosic made on this highly regarded organ. If it sounds 'in the flesh' anything remotely close to Wayne Marshall's stunning HMV Classics recording then it is definitely worth a hear, even if it doesn't have a nice brassy Tuba.

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