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  1. Douglas - the pump system is automatic and normally works well. What it can't legislate for is if stupid electricians turn the elctrical supply off for days over an unattended bank holiday. As far as the organ is concerned, there are discussions taking place about it. Without jeopadising the situation, there is more than a distinct possiblity that the organ will be re-homed. Its presence in the hall is considered 'difficult' and that the hall is now used for many other events which could not have even been perceived in Prof. Evans' time. Because of this, the organ's integrety and safety is of
  2. With the massive insurance payout that the University will get for the disastrous situation, the organ may well go back into the hall. At the moment an electronic instrument will come to the rescue for the Graduations and various carol services etc.
  3. Members might like to know that the organ from the TS concert hall has been removed in its entirety and is currently languishing in an industrial unit near Bournemouth Airport. Its return is by no means certain as there are a number of persons who use the building who are rather glad to see it gone.........It has certainly liberated some much needed space on the concert platform!
  4. My wife and I went to see Clive's recital at Christchurch (Priory) and enjoyed it enormously. A good, non-frivolous, programme played to an extremely high standard. A most musical and technically superb evening. Organ playing of the first order!
  5. I would be happy just to be able to get on a bloody organ at 92, never mind play it to a decent standard!
  6. Thanks for that Quentin! A fantastic rendition.
  7. Christ Church Cathedral, OXFORD Dupré - Le Chemin de la Croix: Ben Sheen and Michael Heighway (org) Tuesday 30 March from 19:30 to 21:00 Video relay on multiple screens. Not to be missed!
  8. I too took lessons on that organ along with another friend of mine during jeremy blandford's time. To a fourteen year old the 32' reed sounded like the very opening of hell!!
  9. This young man gives a truly inspired performance in my opinion. - Excellent playing, and thank you Pierre for bringing this chap to our attention. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
  10. What a shame I can't come due to an Israel in Egypt r/h that evening - I know know where I'd rather be - having played that organ for various events/concerts over the years since it went in. You wouldn't believe what some choirs/choral societies have got away with with that organ, mainly due to the complete lack of alternative venues around Southampton rather than any particular fondness for the venue, it has to be said! Accompaning Britten and a concert of victorian choral music without a Swell box is not my favourite cup of tea, especially when the conductor wants a shimmery Céleste sound an
  11. Don't really see your point - you can have gold bloody plated keys if you pay for them, which would go for any decent organ builder - pipe or electronic!
  12. ..............which would in no way reflect the current Wyvern-phoenix technology then, would it?!
  13. I thought that we were forbidden to even mention the 'electronic' word..............
  14. I had a look at this, but has anyone seen the placement of the chair at about 25 seconds into the clip? Hell's Bells - you wouldn't catch me sitting there!! EEK!
  15. Phew - that is a real tour de force!
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