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  1. I got quite a nice little one from B & Q the other day for about £20.00.........
  2. Absolutely brilliant! A real Laugh out Loud moment!
  3. Douglas - the pump system is automatic and normally works well. What it can't legislate for is if stupid electricians turn the elctrical supply off for days over an unattended bank holiday. As far as the organ is concerned, there are discussions taking place about it. Without jeopadising the situation, there is more than a distinct possiblity that the organ will be re-homed. Its presence in the hall is considered 'difficult' and that the hall is now used for many other events which could not have even been perceived in Prof. Evans' time. Because of this, the organ's integrety and safety is often compromised. Secondly, there has always been a real difficulty regarding the use of the instrument. This is partly due to the hall being owned and administered by one branch of the university, and the organ being owned and managed by the music dept. The Tuner Sims Concert Hall organ is not owned by the hall itself. This has caused no end of 'difficulty' for students and other interested parties actually getting access to the insturment, and there is more than a distinct feeling that the access to the instrument would be enhanced if the instrument were placed in a more accessible situation.
  4. bombarde32


    Looks loud, if totally unsuitable!
  5. They don't programme the Balfour-Gardiner very often at ChCh, but when they do, Mr Driskill-Smith seems to have no trouble with it....
  6. I had my eyes lasered. End of problem. It's fantastic. I can even find the soap when I drop it in the shower....
  7. Or if anyone would like to play a decent custom Wyvern in Hampshire, PM me.
  8. Completely agree - a GOOD drummer should be able to get a decent Latin American rhythm into Balfour-Gardiner's 'Evening Hymn', at the very least........
  9. My friend who was a chorister at Ripon, owns the full-size locomotive Blue Peter.
  10. I do heartily agree with you, and the organ music you suggest. I certainly wouldn't leave my front door to hear any of that played on the Albert Hall organ. To hear Mars from the 'Planets' with such a huge orchestra with the organ was really a treat though, and my 11 year chorister son had one of the best nights of his life too. The amount of people clamouring around the organ console after the performance was testament to the affection in which this instrument is held by the general public. I can't imagine any organ lovers were there specifically.....
  11. Someone told me that Sir Walter Alcock used to file axle-boxes for his model steam locomotives during the sermons at Salisbury.........
  12. Having known the vicar from his previous parish, I didn't think that the organ was his preferred instrument in church,.........
  13. I too have done battle with this rather odd and dysfunctional organ, having to play for some priestly ordinations. No practice time, and seat of pants flying. It was hot, so was I, and very glad to get out and into the nearest bar.
  14. Having heard the organ several times now, with orchestra and solo, since the restoration, I have to say that it is probably the finest instrument in the UK. It is absolutely stunning.
  15. Pity you didn't go to the 'Doctor Who' Prom this year. Apart from being an absolute sell-out, the orchestra was MASSIVE with 12 percussionists and a bloody great Verdi Drum. A chorus of 200 or so joined in, AND THEN THE ORGAN CAME IN......... An Ear-bleedingly wonderful night. WHAT a sound - The organ sounded magnificent, and crowned the whole, just as it was meant to do.
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