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  1. Well volume would not be a problem for me as my landlady is exceedingly deaf, as confirmed by the fact that even though I sometimes playback organ CDs at floor shaking levels, she is always saying what a quiet person I am and that she never knows when I am in or out! However, a distinct lack of floor space would mean a house organ would have to be constructed along the lines of those employed at Philadelphia's Girard Chapel, i.e. suspended from the ceiling, which given the weight bearing issue, could be a problem!
  2. Amen to that! The 32ft reed still doesn't roar like it does 'in the flesh' but it's a good representation of that organs individual sound world.
  3. It's a monster! Presumably, given the size of the chapel, a veritable smorgasbord of tone colours was the aim, rather than sheer volume of sound. Even so, full organ with three 32ft stops on the instrument and a full battery of Trombas on the Great, must have been quite a foundation shaking experience. The only mention of it I could find on Google concerned the Swell 4ft flute which went to St George's Cathedral, Cape Town: "Yet another interesting addition took place in 1975 when the swell 4 flute was bought from Trinity College, Cambridge, when the Harrison and Harrison organ was re
  4. A quiet day at the office, and with my fantasy football team in dire straits, it's fantasy spec time here
  5. Back to Canterbury ..... I came across this scheme here that at least echos in part what is proposed for Canterbury.
  6. I'd wager that Worcester's fate will be re-visited upon Gloucester in the not too distant future. As at Worcester, I predict the historic organ case will be retained but much else discarded. Unlike Worcester, however, I will not lament its passing, its spirit having been exorcised in 1971.
  7. What seems to be getting lost here is that Canterbury wants to recruit just one organ-builder to provide a new 4M Nave organ and rebuild the existing 3M Choir organ as a 4M with added casework. This is a huge undertaking and there are only a small number of organ-builders with a big enough workforce that could in all probability take on such a project: Harrisons, Manders, Klais, Rieger and Letourneau.
  8. Andrew, The record label GUILD recently issued a recording of Lincoln Cathedral Choir directed by Aric Prentice entitled 'Hail Mary' and very good it is too. With all the caveats about judging an organ or choir through the medium of recording, I have to say I thought the choir sounded in very fine fettle. JJ
  9. Amazing what a difference a typo can make to a sentence. Freudian slip, perhaps?
  10. Well, anecdotal evidence tends to suggest we get a better quality of shagpile here in the effluent south-east to the extent that sometimes I'm tempted to go barefoot. As for the acreage of carpet at HTH, have you tried removing it by stealth using a stanley knife, cutting back a cm or two a week?
  11. Do my eyes deceive me or is that a couple of acres of carpet on the floor of HTH? Tell me it isn't so, Paul, puhlease!
  12. John Scott Whiteley is playing at Canterbury this Saturday. Anyone know what the programme is?
  13. An article by Ruth Gledhill in todays' Times newspaper says Canterbury Cathedral needs £50m to rescue its crumbling infrastructure, including £4m for organ refurbishment. Clearly there must be more organ tucked away up in the triforium than previously thought! Anyway, I checked out the cathedral's shiny new website here where it says that "an instrument of unusual flexibility and size is required to provide thrilling music to accompany services and other events". Confusingly, it states that £4m is needed for organ replacement , as part of the overall conservation bill, but then furthe
  14. Ian Hare should be added to the list of Kings Organ Scholars. Ian went up to Kings in 1968 and has held posts at Cartmel Priory and Carlisle Cathedral. He is currently Director of Music at Crosthwaite Church, Keswick. More details about Ian can be found here.
  15. Putting the King's list together involved a bit of Googling and Benjamin Bayl's name did crop up in connection with recitals etc in Sydney, so you are probably right. I agree with Vox that the lists for St John's Cambridge and Christchurch Oxford contain just as illustrious a group of organists - by the way I think you can add Jonathan Vaughn, now at St Edmundsbury Cathedral, to the St John's list. Post Oxbridge organ scholarship, it is interesting how the holders of the Sub-Organist posts at both Winchester Cathedral and Westminster Abbey have proved to be the pre-curser of either bec
  16. I have a liking for compiling lists, and over the weekend, at a loose end, I put together a list of the King's College Cambridge Organ Scholars over the past 30-40 years. With a few exceptiops, where your response may well be to ask: "Where are they now?", it really does read as a veritable Who's Who of the organ world in the UK, and is a remarkable testament to the consistent quality of organists that Stephen Cleobury and before him Philip Ledger and David Willcocks have produced out of the King's conveyor belt. Oliver Brett Tom Winpenny Ashley Grote Benjamin Bayl Thomas Williamson
  17. No one has so far mentioned the the fine Arthur Harrison organ in the Caird Hall in Dundee which, I believe, was built in collaboration with the blind organist/composer Alfred Hollins. I know what has been said about judging an instrument purely on the basis of hearing a recording (Chris Nickol on Priory), but even so this does sound like a fine instrument. I believe they are putting on a handful of summer recitals during August and September and that a new CD has recently been made there by Delphian Records featuring Tim Wyram-Bigfield playing music by Hollins.
  18. .... and with the exception of the Schmidt work, you can hear Simon Preston play his 30 June programme on the RAH organ right now on a new CD from Signum Records called "Royal Albert Hall Organ Restored". On the record label's own website it says the CD is being released in July, but you can get hold of a copy now by going to http://www.mdt.co.uk/MDTSite/product/NR_July_06/SIGCD084.htm where, although it too says the CD is released on 10 July, my copy was delivered on Monday and I was able to listen to it last night. And it's a superb recording. Preston's playing still has that rhythmic sn
  19. I'm in the process of trying to find second-hand copies of SPs 1960s Decca LPs from Westminster Abbey, Colston Hall, Hull City Hall, King's and then getting them transferred to CD. Waiting for some enterprising record label to licence them ......
  20. I suppose I'm being a bit of a curmudgeon when in fact I am a SP fan and will, nevertheless, be found at the RAH on 30 June. I just feel that Mendelssohn, Schumann, Karg-Elert and Schmidt is a bit too much for one recital, and on paper at least, it doesn't look like an enticing programme. Nonetheless, the Jongen is of course a fantastic work, and the Bolcom sounds interesting.
  21. It says on the H&H website that the Great and Swell Organs and the console will be re-instated this year, followed by the central and right hand sections at a later date (whenever that might be, if ever?). Do they really mean to reinstate the Great and Swell this year, or do they mean 2007?
  22. The programme for Simon Preston's 30 June recital at the RAH is: Felix Mendelssohn: Overture to the Oratorio "St Paul" (Op. 36) Robert Schumann: Six Fugues on the name BACH (Op. 60) Franz Schmidt: Toccata (1924) Sigfrid Karg-Elert: Valse Mignonne (Op.142, No.2) Joseph Jongen: Sonata Eroïca (Op. 94) William Bolcom: Free Fantasia on ‘O Zion, Haste’ and ‘How Firm a Foundation’ My heart sunk to my boots at the sight of the Schumann - didn't he play that at his RFH recital last year? On paper, at least, an underwhelming looking programme for such an occasion.
  23. I have the Ledger CD, not to mention many others of King's. I haven't been to King's since the ICO in 1987 so would be interested to know which recording Nick (or anyone else) considers to be the closest to what the organ sounds like in the building. Presumably Nick's neighbours (in the vestry!? ) get quite a good effect too...
  24. Reviewing the comments made on this thread over the past 24 hour, it is a subject that clearly exercises people to some considerable extent. But even if I and it would seem most others disagree with him, sometimes vehemently, I have to take my hat off to Pierre for his sheer bouncebackability, never seeming to know when he's beaten. The fact that people have got so worked up over Howells organ music is surprising, given that, as Paul said, it is his choral music that has had the most lasting impact.
  25. Beauvais seems to me to be distinctly lacking in foundation tone. It's all teeth and eyelashes!
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