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When leaving my German language class this evening (Tuesday 28th November) I came across this most interestingly decorated vehicle in the car park.


I got my camera out and used the headlights of my Dad's car to provide extra lighting when taking these shots. Just as I was finishing, the vehicle's owner turned up. She informed me that because of the vehicle she gets stopped quite often and gets quite a few people photographing it. She got it in 1990 opn the cheap and enjoys having it.


The man featured on the side of the vehicle was also in attendance but he had obviously had a day off as he was not in uniform.........






The lady told me she uses the vehicle to get to work and the vehicle gets a lot of attention whilst she is at work. Her job? Primary school teacher! Good choice of vehicle livery.


Only around 12,000 of these particular vehicles were ever made but this is the only one in the UK with the featured character on the sides and back of it. Made me laugh when I saw it though. More pictures:


View of vehicle interior: http://davespix.fotopic.net/p46929350.html

Overall view of driver side: http://davespix.fotopic.net/p46929349.html





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