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      Updated 27th August 2020

      F H Browne & Sons ltd is delighted to announce that it has acquired the trading name and intellectual property rights of Mander Organs Ltd. From 1st October 2020 F H Browne (Organ Builders) Ltd will revert to trading under the name Mander Organ Builders for all current and future contracts.
      Both companies are based in South East England, and three of the current FHB employees (including myself) are former employees of Mander Organs, so there are immediate synergies.

      We are delighted to have made this transition and look forward to working with our present and future customers both in the UK and Internationally.

      It is also confirmed that his forum will continue as it is now.

      Stephen Bayley
      Managing Director


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    • When I was there as an undergraduate 40 years ago the choir would normally sing at the West End but they were always at the East End for the Thursday Evening Eucharist (where the Mass Setting was always unaccompanied), which certainly gave the service a Mediaeval feel.
    • This doesn’t answer your question about the organ but is perhaps useful background information. The central aisle (nave & choir) is entirely laid out in collegiate form. The choir used to sing at the west end. The choir has moved to the east end on account of scaffolding in the nave and ante-chapel related to conservation and lighting works. The new organ is described as temporary. https://www.chch.ox.ac.uk/news/oxfords-cathedral/seeing-cathedral-different-light As the east end is a more acoustically pleasing space for choral music (more stone, less wood), I wonder if this is also a time of experimentation concerning the liturgical layout of the building. 
    • Is anyone able to say a little bit about what happens musically at Christ Church these days? I'm just curious about a very beautiful Evensong I have just watched (and I can't find the link)  - it was Tuesday this week - Noble in B minor and Stanford Justorum Animae. Lovely organ playing beforehand - Howells Intrada 2 - (must get that out!) - but played on a two manual pipe organ. The whole service was accompanied on this small instrument and the main organ only used for the David Bednall voluntary. I know very little about the layout of the cathedral or complications that there may be between the extant organ and the position of the choir etc. Can anyone tell us what the new instrument is all about and whence it came, etc? 
    • Nothing to do with me whatsoever - other than through making a purchase or two - but there are several really useful and worthwhile items of organ music on ebay at the moment including bundles of Howells (complete psalm preludes and rhapsodies) Whitlock, Bach, Karg-Elert, Leighton, Rheinberger, etc etc last verse arrangements, lots of Oecumuse publications - sorry, my memory fails me! Worth a look with a search on 'classical organ sheet music' especially on behalf of pupils etc. If you find the first 'bundle' and then search on 'seller's other items, that should be a helpful way forward. I've gone for some Paul Edwards - I always find his compositions worthwhile - and several, to my mind, are really distinguished.
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