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      Updated 27th August 2020

      F H Browne & Sons ltd is delighted to announce that it has acquired the trading name and intellectual property rights of Mander Organs Ltd. From 1st October 2020 F H Browne (Organ Builders) Ltd will revert to trading under the name Mander Organ Builders for all current and future contracts.
      Both companies are based in South East England, and three of the current FHB employees (including myself) are former employees of Mander Organs, so there are immediate synergies.

      We are delighted to have made this transition and look forward to working with our present and future customers both in the UK and Internationally.

      It is also confirmed that his forum will continue as it is now.

      Stephen Bayley
      Managing Director


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    • Just noticed that Presto Music (www.prestomusic.com) are doing a 25% discount on all OUP music at the moment. That's a brilliant opportunity to catch up with those Hymn Settings for Organists that I'm always banging on about - and in these limited choral days, you may just enjoy the two John Rutter albums of piano arrangements of some of his music which are lovely.
    • Well, this is sad news. Apparently they declared bankruptcy. 😔 https://www.lavenir.net/cnt/dmf20201124_01531643/faillite-pour-la-manufacture-d-orgues-thomas I have never heard any of their work in person, but the final CD in Bernard Foccroulle's Buxtehude set is played on one of their smaller instruments in Hoogstraten, Belgium. An utterly beautiful organ sound. https://www.orgues-thomas.com/orgues/neufs/HOOGSTRATEN-Sint-Katharinakerk 
    • To me, the demonstration of these two stops didn't do them justice. I don't speak German but what on earth was going on in the first demo where the guy was next to the chamade pipes wearing headphones? It sounded as though a small child was having a first go on an over-sized kazoo. And much of the rest of it was just too frantic and 'clever' for its own good. 
    • At 4:41 - on the video I watched a red arrow appeared to show the mouse!! poor thing must have thought its end had come!!!
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