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  1. I'm only a lurker but 'Good to see you again Colin', seconded. Looking forward to learning some more from your posts.
  2. Don't know why I didn't think of this first, but this is the photo...
  3. Does any kind reader still have a copy of this and can tell me what organ the rear cover fold out photograph is of? I've kept it, but have no idea why. Thanks
  4. For my ARCO I used to work through Riemenschneider's Bach chorales for both sight reading and transposition and I see the volume is still available here for a bargain £10 for 371 harmonized chorales.
  5. I have what is probably the same document, but I read the angle as 50 degrees above horizontal when box is closed and my copy of the AGO specification I read as 41 degrees from vertical but with no indication of box position, however I am no expert in reading technical drawings...
  6. Don't look too hard - it ended on Thursday at £63. There's another on ebay though, in Anglesey, found in a barn!
  7. Seriously, how bad is it now? I haven't played, other than at home, for over 25 years so am really out of touch. Maybe I should make myself known to the powers that be and earn a few extra pennies.
  8. They are a newagents and their address is different. Are you sure they're one and the same?
  9. Only £11.69 at Amazon UK (PAL R2) and £9.99 at HMV (unspecified format/region)
  10. Interesting! I see one member quotes his Church fee as '£80 (or bottle of gin for friends)', a Portugese member's fee looks suspiciously like he prefers payment in wine or port and a JS Bach of Leipzig charges 60 Kr.
  11. Simon, I regret that I too will be unable to make it tonight. Chris
  12. Although very much into digital conversions these days but very close to you is Ron Coates of Classic Organs at Boxhill.
  13. Please also count me in and thanks for the offer Simon. Chris
  14. I understand it's being dismantled w/c 12 January and then going to Abertillery in Wales
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