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  1. The Royal Festival Hall Organ - what if ?

    Leslie Pearson made an LP with the microphones very close to the pipework in order to cut out any natural resonance (not much at the best of times!) at All Souls...but I don't recall its title.
  2. RIP John Scott

    John Scott had a soft spot for the music of Percy Whitlock and was President of the Percy Whitlock Trust. I believe the last solo CD he recorded before leaving St Paul's Cathedral was of Whitlock's music, including the marvellous Organ Sonata. Any Whitlock work would be very appropriate.
  3. Console Light

    The secret for blind organists is to set the registration for an entire programme on pistons. I know that David Aprahamian Liddle makes full notes about the layout and tonal quality of every instrument he plays before registering any piece so that setting pistons is a fairly straightforward matter; every combination can be checked by listening and adjusted if necessary. Obviously a sequencer or stepper is ideal, but a good supply of adjustable pistons is all that's required. The story told in Alfred Hollins' autobiography about sensing the temperature of a lighted stop knob simply doesn't work at speed because it takes too long for the brain to process small variations in temperature. David uses registrants to assist with stop changing when playing on large instruments without modern playing aids. Additional rehearsal time is necessary and the whole business is obviously more challenging. It can be done very successfully, as his complete performances of Widor 7 and Widor 8 on the Father Willis organ at St Dominic's Priory show.
  4. Elgar Organ Sonata

    The 1947 orchestration of the Elgar Organ Sonata was by Gordon, not Arthur, Jacob. The timings indicate the YouTube performance is that by the RLPO conducted by Vernon Handley in Aug/Sept 1988 which I find to be of good sound and brisk in the manner of Elgar's own performances. There is an alternative commercial recording by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales conducted by Richard Hickox, recorded in May 2006 and at a rather more leisurely speed.
  5. Appointments

    The cathedral website seems to have omitted the first paragraph in their press release. It should read: "Gloucester Cathedral today announced that Jonathan Hope is to be the new Assistant Director of Music. Jonathan comes to us from Winchester Cathedral, where he has been Organ Scholar since 2012." Regards
  6. Flor Peeters - Chorale Preludes

    Many thanks for this info, David. Bryan Hesford was the dedicatee of several Peeters works. I wasn't aware of these articles which appeared monthly in the Musical Opinion between Feb 1977 and May 1978. Now off in search of these back issues....
  7. Does anyone know if a detailed list of Chorale Preludes by Flor Peeters exists? He wrote more than 300 preludes, collected into sets, but these volumes do not always have a list of individual pieces or a table of contents. Any help would be appreciated. Oscar
  8. St John's College, Cambridge

    I am not aware of an entire CD devoted to music for solo organ recorded at St John's Cambridge but there are several discs which include one or more organ tracks. These include: Naxos 8.554659 : Herbert Howells - Paean (from Six Pieces for Organ) and Rhapsody in c sharp Op17/3 performed by Iain Farrington Naxos 8.555255 : Edmund Rubbra - Prelude and Fugue on a theme of Cyril Scott Op69 and Meditation for organ Op79 performed by Robert Houssart Naxos 8.555793 : William Walton - Passacaglia and Touch her soft lips and part performed by Christopher Whitton Naxos 8.557277 : Lennox Berkeley - Toccata (from Three Pieces) Op72/1 performed by Jonathan Vaughn Naxos 8.555795 : Kenneth Leighton - Veni creator spiritus and Rockingham performed by Christopher Whitton Naxos 8.570561 : Edward Bairstow - Toccata-Prelude on Pange Lingua performed by Jonathan Vaughn Naxos 8.554791 : Benjamin Britten - Prelude and Fugue on a theme of Vittoria performed by Iain Farrington Oxrecs OXCD-060 : 6 pieces by Bourgeois, Bach, Messiaen, Whitlock, Dupré and Howells performed by James Martin
  9. palindromes

    David Aprahamian Liddle's Valse Locrienne Op5, written 1989-1990, is an exact palindrome. Regards Oscar
  10. HMV (EMI) Great Cathedral Organ Series

    JNM: Jerrold Northrop Moore whose magnum opus is Elgar: A Creative Life, reckoned by many to be the definitive scholarly book on that composer. I seem to recall he and Felix Aprahamian were about the only people who regularly reviewed organ music on Radio3's Record Review in the 70s and 80s. Oscar
  11. HMV (EMI) Great Cathedral Organ Series

    The Noel Rawsthorne and Flor Peeters performances from Liverpool Met were reissued on Priory PRCD 931 (Organ Music From The Two Cathedrals In Liverpool). Rerads, Oscar
  12. HMV (EMI) Great Cathedral Organ Series

    Here's a full track listing. I don't yet have the new CD set but, if my memory serves me correctly, the organs are: CD1/Tracks1-9 Liverpool Cathedral CD1/Tracks10-16 and CD2/Tracks1-3 York Minster CD2/Tracks4-16 Westminster Abbey CD3/Tracks1-10 Gloucester Cathedral CD3/Tracks11-15 and CD4/Tracks1-5 Coventry Cathedral CD4/Tracks6-13 Exeter Cathedral CD4/Tracks14-15 and CD5/Tracks1-10 St Giles Edinburgh CD5/Tracks11-24 Llandaff Cathedral CD6/Tracks1-6 Durham Cathedral CD6/Tracks7-13 and CD7/Tracks1-2 Hereford Cathedral CD7/Tracks3-9 Salisbury Cathedral CD7/Tracks10-12 and CD8/Tracks1-5 Norwich Cathedral CD8/Tracks6-23 Ely Cathedral CD8/Tracks24-25 and CD9/Tracks1-8 Worcester CD9/Tracks9-12 Westminster Cathedral CD10/Tracks1-15 Canterbury Cathedral CD10/Tracks16-22 and CD11/Tracks1-5 St Paul's Cathedral CD11/Tracks6-16 Lincoln Minster CD12/Tracks1-11 Chester Cathedral CD12/Tracks12-13 Selby Abbey CD13/Tracks1-5 Norwich Cathedral Regards Oscar
  13. HMV (EMI) Great Cathedral Organ Series

    >> Finally, which company recorded and produced the Keith John performance from the Tonhalle, Zurich? Priory (PRCD 264) recorded Keith John's performance of the Reubke Sonata, coupled with several Bach works incl BWV564 and BWV527, at the Zurich Tonhalle in August 1988. Oscar
  14. Interesting thread closed

    MusingMuso wrote [..snip..] The church is not by Pugin, but in fact by Giles Gilbert-Scott, [..snip..] MM The church was consecrated in 1859 and Giles Gilbert Scott was not born until 1880. The architect was his grandfather Sir George Gilbert Scott who thought of it as "on the whole, my best church." Oscar
  15. New College Bach

    There are several recordings made on the New College instrument and issued on CD including: Bach - organ works Vol2 / Peter Hurford (Decca 421 341-2) Sonata No1 in E flat BWV525 Prelude in E flat BWV552/I "Kyrie, Gott Vater in Ewigkeit" BWV669 "Christe, aller Welt Trost" BWV670 "Kyrie, Gott heiliger Geist" BWV671 "Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr" BWV676 "Dies sind die heilgen zehen Gebot" BWV678 "Wir gläuben all' an einen Gott" BWV680 "Vater unser im Himmelreich" BWV682 "Christ, unser Herr, zum Jordan kam" BWV684 "Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir" BWV686 "Jesus Christus, unser Heiland, der von uns den Zorn Gottes wandt" BWV688 Fugue in E flat BWV552/2 Bach - organ works Vol3 / Peter Hurford (Decca 421 617-2) "Herr Jesu Christ, dich zu uns wend" BWV726 Partita "Sei gegrüßet, Jesu gütig" BWV768 Bach - organ works Vol5 / Peter Hurford (Decca 421 631-2) Prelude and Fugue in a BWV543 Prelude and Fugue in b BWV544 Prelude and Fugue in C BWV545 Fantasia in b BWV563 Toccata in E BWV566 Howells - choral and organ music Vol1 / Edward Higginbottom (CRD 3454) recorded 1987 De la Mare's Pavane (from Lambert's Clavichord) Op41 Flourish for a bidding Jacob's Brawl (from Howells' Clavichord) St Louis comes to Clifton Walton's Toye (from Howells' Clavichord) Paean (from Six Pieces for Organ) Preludio "Sine Nomine" (from Six Pieces for Organ) Psalm Prelude No1 (First set) Op32/1 Regards Oscar