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  1. The operative word here is indeed 'contribute'. As Katherine and her friends have probably found out by now, if your church is insured with Ecclesiastical they only contribute a relatively limited amount to the replacement, and then only provided you have followed all their advice regarding the use of Smartwater etc.
  2. Thank you Colin, yes, two posts just four minutes apart.
  3. What sort of voltages might we be talking about please? For solid-state logic presumably very low; older systems?
  4. There are three photos in the eBay advert, (see the small icons beneath the main picture). One of them is of a pedalboard, albeit apparently standing on the edge normally against the piano. If you click on any of the photos they should be enlarged. There seems to be some sort of board resting across the middle of the pedals which, if it is standing on edge, must be fixed in some way. It looks as though it has had a good deal of wear, from feet maybe? Perhaps it was put there as a foot rest by someone who didn't use the pedals? Just above the board, (in the photo, but behind it if the pedal board were laid flat), are what appear to be two small raised pedals, an octave apart between notes B and C. Expression pedals perhaps? Pure speculation of course.
  5. I agree with David. There are a couple of points to consider though, so PM sent.
  6. Thank you for posting that extremely helpful information. I note also that it specifies "Pipe organs." Surely something to think about for those contemplating the alternative?
  7. Yes, thank you. I had not taken that in because I don't post very often so seldom use the other options. It seems you have to use BBCode Mode to enter the text, then click the icon again to get the other options back.
  8. It is still possible: But it doesn't seem so easy. If you click the "Quote" button, in the top left hand corner below "Reply to this topic" is a small square icon which, if you hover over it, says "BBCode Mode." If you click on that the various tags appear. It's then a matter of copying and editing, and typing in your own comments in between. It doesn't seem quite so straightforward as before though. I used the "More Reply Options" to open the enhanced editor to practise with. Perhaps someone else knows a better way? Best, J.
  9. The answer probably lies in this post MM: http://mander-organs...morgan-retires/ Post #4 down the page.
  10. The things you can learn on this forum. Fascinating.
  11. Two Yorkshiremen; and no mention of cricket? Amazing!
  12. An excellent starter for ten. Now, potatoes may be planted in the ground or in the soil, whereas many London trains run underground, (but not in the molten core, where severe cooling problems may be expected). Oh dear. Perhaps the moderators should bury it instead.
  13. John Herbert Cowin (Bert) was a former employee of Willis, who set up his own business in the mid 1950s. I have copies of correspondence from the firm to a customer, in 1959, which is headed with two addresses, both in Liverpool. One in Mayville Road, which would appear to be an office or home address, the other, noted as "Works," is in Lucknow Street. However these may not be the only addresses associated with the firm. It appears that J. H. Cowin had quite a few employees, but he died while in his mid 50s, in or around 1965. The firm is no longer in existence, but his nephew, Keith Edwards, is an organ builder based in Cheshire. Thanks to Quentin, and Keith Edwards, for their help.
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