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  1. As someone currently involved in research at a university, I do not feel that style guides are any more than a guide to someone's view of something. Thus, I'm completely happy to continue to use the formal plurals, clear punctuation, the Oxford comma, avoidance of split infinitives, and eschewing the current deplorable misuse of the word 'incredible', as I've preferred over many years. My university does have a style guide, which I ignore. My supervisors are happy with that. 'Incredible' is increasingly used an adjective to denote a matter of delight, the antithesis of its real meaning. S
  2. Listening late evening to Radio 3 some weeks ago, in the car after a rehearsal, we distinctly heard a somewhat estuarine announcer mention that the next piece would be a 'Burkuse' (I render it a tad phonetically, for the full flavour).
  3. Yes, Carlisle Cathedral has placed an advertisement in the CT and on its website! How massively enterprising. In neither instance is there any more information other than an instruction to ask separately for it - in other words, a further step and delay, I would not wish to apply for it, even if I thought I might be eligible. But, why do these cathedrals think they need to be so coy? It has overtones of arrogance - making even enquirers, let alone applicants, jump through unnecessary hoops just, possibly, to satisfy some pointless bureaucracy within the supplicant establishment's
  4. I'm absolutely certain it will. A clear-sighted appointment to Bath Abbey.
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