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  1. The score of R in B arrived last week from Michaelsmusic in the USA arrived today - not so much a transcription as a kind of "selections from" - and at the beginning at least the material is not presented in its original order. Also when I learned a piano version of this many years ago it was in B flat major whereas Crawford has in in B major. However this is a cracking-looking piece, not too difficult, and bound to be a crowd-pleaser (or even crowd-puller if you advertise!). Peter
  2. Don' have the score to hand at the moment - howver I will contact Paul again as he has the oroginal printing, Peter
  3. "Footnotes". (Actually this is the title of a piece I wrote for my mother-in-law's birthday in which the theme is played on a 2' pedal stop.) P
  4. Paul Derrett has contacted me to say that my suspicions were correct. He has the original edition in which bars 9 & 11 are identical. I have the Crescendo edition. Peter PS This information is given with Paul's kind permission.
  5. I have just started working on this and a comparison of bar 9 with 11 raises a suspicion - the bars are identical except that in bar 11 the LH g# minor first inversion semiquaver chords at the second quaver which appear in bar nine are replaced by e major first inversion semiquavers at the same measure. I wonder if this is correct? Peter
  6. Thanks Graham - one other question which as I am not Anglican I am unsure of the answer. Do archdeacons traditionally wear a pectoral cross? Peter gosh, my grammar and syntax went haywire there!
  7. I imagine that quite a few members have seen this to my mind very promissing programme, which, underneath its (infrequent) crudeness suggests a lot of good theological sense and even spirituality. Adam's "min- sermons" to Colin, the alcoholic parishoner, seem characterised by good sense verging on the profound. However as this is neither a theology discussion board nor one dedicated to sit-com, I just wonder which church it is that is featured -and we had a good shot of the organ case in this week's episode. I somehow think I might recognise the church as I worked for quite a while in London. I initially thought of a Bermondsey church - St James? - but it is over 20 years now and have but a hazy recollection. The credits mentioned "St Leonards's" - but the only St Leonards I can think of right now is in Streatham. Any ideas, folks? Peter
  8. You might try Roger Molyneux - he gets stuff in on a fairly daily basis I think so he probably has in stock items not in his current catalogue. You could also try Travis and Emery in Cecil Court (just off Charing Cross Road). I often pop in there when I'm in London - they have a wide range of material. Other board members can probably alert you to other second-hand outlets. Good luck! Peter
  9. Ah yes, Wine of Peace - I often play that as a prelude. When music (other than a hymn) is requested for the entrance of the coffin, he Dupre Cortege is just the right length, at least for the nave in my church (and arguably if an exuberant piece is required for the exit the Litanie could be played). Dido's Lament has also been requested once. Peter
  10. Your inbox is full!! I can offer St Peter's in Cardiff but it is a good hour's drive - I also have a straight pedalboard which you might prefer not to use. Let me know. I'll check on availability tomorrow but I think the church is free most evenings. Cheers Peter
  11. I just spent a most agreeable evening at St Peter's Church, where the Welsh premiere of Roxanna Panufnik's Schola Missa de Angelis was performed. Tremendous - also Graston Ives Te Deum, Stanford ditto in B flat and I was Glad among other things. The London Oratory Choir and that of St David's Metropolitan Cathedral are to be congratulated. Can't wait for the CD of the Panufnik!
  12. I recently played Marcello's The Heavens Declare the Glory of God as an outgoing voluntary at a Sunday Mass; it happens that the widow of a man who was to be buried that week was in the congregation; her late husbad was Italan, and she asked for this music to see the coffin out of the church. . Widow and daughter were very pleased. To the the list of less "upbeat" pieces appropriate I would add the GTB Elegy. Peter
  13. I had a try at a play-through of this today and then took the score home to read it while I heard the CD (Kevin Bowyer). One reason for this was that as the score itself - as remarked earlier - is so untidy I thought I might get some ideas from Kevin's playing of it - which I did. But one question is now in my mind - is the theme which dominates the piece a genuine Orthodox chant, or one fabricated by Tavener. Either way it makes no difference as it is certainly an arresting theme, particularly in the way the composer introduces it at the beginning. Any thoughts? Peter
  14. Thank everyone. I checked the earlier thread and have e-mailed Richard Barnes. Best Peter
  15. Can you give us a list of the pieces played and by whom, Jim? I wonder of the next OR will carry an item on it. Thanks Peter
  16. A very effective setting of "There's a widenes in God's mercy" was just broadcast but the composer was not iodentified. Can anyone help? Thanks Peter
  17. http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/Toot-Suite/1900123 Peter
  18. In line 2 of verse 3 I make the Amaj suspended/resolved chord into a two minim Aminor7-D7 (root position) (second minim alto voice g-f# on crotchets). Peter
  19. Yep, that's the one. What a talented chap! I never really could manage that stride style of playing.... Thanks Peter
  20. Thanks for this reply. However the sleeve notes state that the piece dates from 1926 and the composer was a person called Bloom. I suppose I could get in contact with John Giacchi - any idea how? Cheers Peter
  21. Correction: there are a couple of bars of pedal octaves. Nothing to be concerned about though! P
  22. Certainly worth getting, Patrick. I have studied the score both at the console and at home for about 3 hours today and I think it a piece that will satisfy both player and congregation. Peter
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