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  1. Ironically, I found this on musicroom the other day - it now appears to have been edited into a typeset copy by person(s) unidentified.
  2. There is a book, published by the RSCM edited by David Halls called 'Open thou our lips' which contains a large selection of upper voice only settings of music for evensong. Certainly the situation is certainly different to when I investigated unison settings about five years ago, where Bairstow in Eb, Dyson in c, Wood in Ab, Stanford in D and the Howells services was about the only music of any real quality. Whilst it is a travesty what has happened at Llandaff, with it does come opportunity. Perhaps other composers could be convinced to write settings for upper voices, to support the mu
  3. Funny you mention the Wassail Carol... It was recorded by St Johns Cambs a few years ago 'On Christmas Night' (Chandos.) Whilst cataloguing a new series of music we've been 'gifted' I found 21 copies at church - after giving it to the boys to have a little sing through, they thoroughly enjoyed it - they were big fans of Sir Christemas last year, so I think we'll do Wassail this year instead of the planned a Babe is Born - it seems considerably easier...
  4. I look forward to the replies to this topic. I've had similar problems as you when looking for new boys ruffs. Our mens neck pieces are currently being replaced by my mother in law stitching up single pieces of fabric, but I think a professional job is going to be needed for the little darlings!
  5. I think these pieces are beautiful, and certainly don't possess the insurmountable technical problems that the likes of the etudes etc do. Rorate Coeli is lovely, but the setting of the Lent Litany 'Attende Domine' is in my top 5 organ pieces, to my mind it really is that beautiful. O Filli always goes down well with congregations as well. Similiar music? It's a bit less structured but what about the Meditation by Durufle? The Henri Mulet collection Esquisses Byzantines also has some very nice movements in it.
  6. There is a fine toccata by Remzi in the Dover book 'Toccatas, Carillons and Scherzos' - I think it's in b minor? If not, a mighty fine book to have available on the shelf with some obscure gems amongst the warhorses!
  7. I've forgotten how to do it in more recent years, but there is a way that if you change one note you can play 'Twinkle Twinkle little star' over the top of O little town of bethlehem, up a fourth or so..
  8. I pedal without shoes, and have done for many years now. I find it far easier, but am helped by the fact that I have a very high instep, so the 'arch' of my foot creates a natural heal. It is perfectly do-able for me to play in thirds with no problem.
  9. Our Diocesean organ advisor has made a suggestion to my church, of making a bottom octave of 32 foot pipes using pipes of 1/8th length, so that the bottom C would be 4feet long. I've never heard of this idea before. Has anyone else ever come across it, or know of the success or otherwise of it?
  10. We had a token nationalistic nod this morning, ending with Jerusalem followed by NA, all the other hymns being trinity based. Voluntaries were Swing Low Swing Chariot Arr. Lemare and Variations on Rule Britannia by Beethoven arr. Me before hand, and Pomp + Circumstance No.1 afterwards. Crown Imperial tonight
  11. Shameless plug for my own recital in Cromer Parish Church on Tuesday 5th June, 8pm, retiring collection Pomp and Circumstance March No.4 - Edward Elgar (1857 - 1934) Voluntary No.6, Op.6 - John Stanley (1712 - 1786) Elegy in B Flat - George Thalben - Ball (1896 - 1987) Dance to your Daddy - Sverre Eftestol (1954 - ) Variations on 'I've got Rhythm' - Harold Britton (1923 - ) Allegro from Trio Sonata No.5 in C Major - J.S. Bach (1685 - 1750) Sheep May Safely Graze BWV 208 - J.S. Bach (1685 - 1750) Spring Song - Alfred Hollins The Stars and Stripes Forever - J.P. Sousa arr. D. Ballard
  12. DD is going to be the Organist, with Ashley Grote as the Director of Choirs I believe
  13. Is it the same Sonata that was published in a Kevin Mayhem book a few years ago, complete with some Graham Steed choral preludes?
  14. This morning was the Widor *Groan* and the boys sang This Joyful Eastertide (Ledger) and Now the Green Blade (Lindely) Pre service music was the Bach Allein Gott (BWV 662) and Demessieux 'O Filli' variations (a wonderful piece.) This evening is Smith, Psalm 114 (Bairstow) Dyson in D, Blessed be the G+F, and Stanford in B Flat Te Deum. Prelude might be Howells Psalm Prelude Set 1, No.1 , but the postlude is definitely Incantation Pour un Jour Saint (Langlais)
  15. Ashley Grote has been appointed as the new Master of Choristers at Norwich Cathedral, W/E 1st Sept
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