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I notice (from the current issue of the Church Times) that a Director of Music and Organist is required for Saint John the Baptist, Peterborough. I further note (from the NPOR*) that this church possesses a 'vintage' Harrison organ, with its original stop-list largely intact. The only ranks missing are the Pedal Ophicleide, and the G.O. Harmonics (17-19-flat 21-22) and Octave Tromba. One minor alteration was the transposition of the former 8ft. Viole d'Orchestre on the Choir Organ to 4ft. pitch. There are a few colour photographs, two of which show the console, which looks to be quite dignified and largely unspoiled. However, I see that there is a note reading 'Specification superseded' near the top of the entry, so perhaps there have been some further alterations to this instrument.


It would be interesting to know whether any contributor has played this instrument and can give an idea of its current state (and stop-list).




*Incidentally, the entry as it stands is slightly incorrect: this instrument possesses (or did in 1980) three claviers and thirty-six stops, including the Swell Tremulant and the prepared-for ranks.

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