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Interesting collection in Church Times this week, including a new ADoM position at Liverpool Met., and also DoM at All Saints', Northampton (where is Lee Dunleavy going?).

and Lincoln to say nothing of some big non-cathedral jobs. The timing (just before half-term) suggests school priorities rather than church ones perhaps?

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Not so much appointments, perhaps, as vacancies; but Justason returns to the UK in July having spent three years as organist and assistant director of music at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco (3rd largest Episcopal Cathedral in the US, and 5th largest of all, with a good Aeollian Skinner whose console is in my profile pic).

As far as I know they have not advertised the vacancy, yet, but if anyone (preferably FRCO, but certainly ARCO with the emphasis on accompanist rather than recitalist) was interested I'm sure you'd have no trouble finding somewhere to send your c.v.

Good luck!


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PBJ, on 07 Feb 2014 - 5:52 PM, said:PBJ, on 07 Feb 2014 - 5:52 PM, said:

Gloucester, no information anywhere on the web.

Latest News Posted on 21 Feb 2014 on the Gloucester Cathedral Web site and pasted in as it appears [who edited it into this form as it does not mention Winchester?].


New Assistant Director of Music announced

In this capacity, he played for the funeral of the composer Sir John Tavener in November 2013. Previously, Jonathan was Organ Scholar of Southwark Cathedral, where he also served as Acting Sub-Organist & Director of the Girls’ Choir in his final term.


Jonathan said “I’m thrilled to be moving to Gloucester. In an organ scholarship, one dreams of coming to a place like this, with its rich, vibrant music scene, stunning building and exciting organ and choir. I look forward to contributing to the life of the cathedral, to making new friends and working towards the exciting challenges ahead.” All are welcome to join us when he makes his debut at evensong on Tuesday 11 March at 5.30pm.


A native of Guildford, Jonathan studied with John Belcher and David Sanger, before going to the Royal College of Music, studying with Margaret Phillips and Sophie-Véronique Cauchefer-Choplin. He has given recitals at Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Saint-Sulpice, Paris, as well as undertaking recital tours to Germany, the USA and Australia. He has appeared live on Radio 3 and 4, and at London’s St John’s Smith Square and the Southbank Centre. He is also active as an organ teacher. His website address is www.jonathanhope.org and he also has his own YouTube channel.


Jonathan moves here with his fiancée of 5 years, the Italian-Australian soprano Allegra Giagu, whom he met at the RCM.

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The cathedral website seems to have omitted the first paragraph in their press release. It should read:


"Gloucester Cathedral today announced that Jonathan Hope is to be the new Assistant Director of Music. Jonathan comes to us from Winchester Cathedral, where he has been Organ Scholar since 2012."



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According to the well-known music blogger Norman Lebrecht at Slipped Disc Robert Quinney is to succeed Edward Higginbottom at New College, Oxford. Congratulations are due. I wonder what plans, if any, Quinney has for the GDB organ at New College.

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  • Higginbottom was in post for 37 years
  • It is both a choral and academic post, which most cathedral jobs are not- although there is one of these only a few hundred yards away
  • Quinney was “invited to apply”
  • "a position such as this comes up only once in a generation”

The above seem to have been crucial factors in helping Mr Quinney make his decision. When one is ‘invited to apply’ for something, it is generally a shoe-in.


I wish him the best and keenly anticipate ‘developments’ on the organ gallery.

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Was going to make a post regarding the installation of the new Canon Precentor at Bristol on 1st March. But a question before I do: is this forum thread strictly for organ & choral appointments or is it OK to post other music-related church appointments in this bit too?




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Announcement at Worcester Cathedral regarding an appointment for Sub Assistant Organist in succession to James Luxton who has been appointed Assistant Director of Music at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral.




Although at less than £11,000 for an average of twenty-seven hours each week, it would leave little time to teach*, in order to gain a living wage. Even with accommodation provided, this seems to be a rather long working week for a 'number three' post, in view of the level of remuneration.




* Whilst, according to the time-table of daily rehearsals, there appears to be the greater proportion of each day free; in reality, on reading the details of what is required (for example administrative work, attending meetings, assisting 'with the smooth running of the department'), the successful candidate could easily find that the day is largely taken up with cathedral duties.

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