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Happy Birthday Francis


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In celebration, I have downloaded (from Banks publications) the PDF of a composition which I had not heard of until I studied the programme for today's 104th Birthday tribute, called Improvisation on a chant by John Goss. [Edit - it turns out that this is a transcription of a pre-evensong improvisation of Dr Jackson's which has been published to mark his 104th birthday. It isn't the first time it has seen the light of day, however, as it was recorded by Simon Nieminksi in Edinburgh Cathedral in 2002.] It is a delightful miniature which I hope to slip in to tomorrow's music schedule at church. I played his prelude on his own East Acklam last Sunday before Harvest Evensong. And I am now going to listen to the Benedicite - something I loved - (because of the word painting in the organ part) - in chorister days. My recording is from Canterbury in Allan Wicks' and Michael Harris's day. And finally, here's a clip, from a few years back, that not everyone may have seen which is just an excerpt of Anna Lapwood playing his Diversion for Mixtures on the organ of Keble College, Oxford - what a piece! 

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23 hours ago, S_L said:

104 years old today. 

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Francis.

I'll second that!
I haven't had time to watch the programme on YouTube as yet.  I'm hoping that it won't be withdrawn too soon!

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